Seeking Interviews!

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Seeking Interviews!
Post # 1
I am writing a book on new-age religion, and I am seeking helpful and knowledgeable individuals on a variety of subjects.

If you have been practicing any of the following religions for a long enough time that you feel you are an expert on the subject, I would love to here about your life and the way you practice:
(Please excuse the word Neo before religions with an ancient basis, this is to simply state that it is how it is practiced today. I intend to include historical reference as well)

Neo-Shamanism (Native American and Nordic)
Satanism (Any of it's many forms, including Luciferianism, Palladists, Our Lady of Endor, LaVeyan, and Sybmolic)
Chaos Magick (Tell me about your individual practice as opposed to anything you do with a coven)
Wicca (There are many different practices, tell me about yours)

If I have missed your religion, and it is recognized by any nationality as an official religion, please let me know and feel free to describe your practice to me.

I understand that many of you belong to a Coven and are not able to reveal their secrets. I'm not asking for you to expose the sacred rites of your coven, simply for information on your individual practice and beliefs.

If you wish to be of assistance to me but do not want your name included in my list of references, let me know and I will be sure to list you as Anonymous.

For anyone who would like to contribute, P.M. me with answers to the following questions:

What is your religion called?
When did you start practicing?
Can you describe to me your day to day practice?
What sort of rituals do you practice on a regular basis?
What major holidays do you recognize?
Do you practice individually or with a group? If you do practice with a group, can you discuss any of your rituals without breaking any oaths?
Is there anything else you would like to tell me about your particular practice?

Thanks in advance to any and all contributors.
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Re: Seeking Interviews!
By: / Adept
Post # 2
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