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Forums -> Wicca -> gargoyle alive

gargoyle alive
Post # 1
How to enchant a gargoyle with white magick!
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Re: gargoyle alive
By: / Novice
Post # 2

um...magick has no color

and i would think enchanting them doesnt make them alive. you cant give things life...

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Re: gargoyle alive
Post # 3

You can't give life to an inanimate object. And yes magick is colorless.

Gargoyle's though are used for protection. Just thought to throw that in there.

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Re: gargoyle alive
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Gargoyles were created to scare away "evil spirits". Any thoughts may form to be animated, this is why people create servitors and program crystals. Statues and Icons of higher beings (gods, saints, etc) unconsciously or consciously have the energy surrounding or in context to the being invoked within it, which allows a sort of direct communication through the object. But since gargoyles are the fabrication of men's minds, there are no true gargoyles in the spiritual. Perhaps earth elementals may appear as stoney beasts, but if they are earth elementals they would have no reason for wings.

Creating suedo-living energy in objects is helpful. This allows energy to carry out a purpose without our constant supervision. If you treat any object as if it is alive, eventually, this will cause its energy to seem alive due to your thoughts.

Some believe (including myself) that all things in nature contain a spirit. When we create suedo-living energy forms they may seem like a spirit, but the difference is they must take or be given energy consistently to thrive, while true spirits have an energy core, call it the soul or what you will.

But please, do not expect an object to come to life and dance around your table. The physical object itself will not actually move. This is taking the concept of living energy to an exaggerated extreme. This isn't Harry Potter.

The phenomenon of physical objects moving is always created by a genuine spirit. Since they do have an energy core and a true will of their own, they have the ability to pool that energy and focus it, which can cause what people like to call "paranormal activity" "poltergeist" etc. So if your gargoyle physically moves, it's probably a spirit messing with you for giggles or your imagination
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Re: gargoyle alive
Post # 5
Does anyone read anymore? What happened to researching before asking stupid questions?
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Re: gargoyle alive
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
Most children will ask questions. Often "stupid" ones. Mainly because they have "read" something. or seen a TV show, that has aroused their curiosity. The question on this thread sounds like a child's query. WhiteRaven gives a good answer.
My own children are now adults, but any parent will know that when a child asks a question they already know the answer! They are seeking confirmation.
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Re: gargoyle alive
By: / Novice
Post # 7
i agree with whiteraven's explanation, though i will add one thing, gargoyles are like dragons [or at least are usually classified the same way] i know more about dragons than gargoyles, so if they are classified the same, i will guess they exist either in the shadows of our realm or in one like the astral plain. if you are hoping to sprinkle magic dust on a statue and it comes to life, not going to happen i'm afraid.
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