~Gypsy Witchcraft~

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~Gypsy Witchcraft~
Post # 1

Our Coven Gypsy Witchcraft is currently looking for Active Members for the coven. Though the name may be decieving we are not just "Gypsies" or "Roma" we are of all different Religons and/or paths. There are a lot of changes going on around the coven so we would love to have you be apart of those changes. We are looking for serious members of the community though to contribute to the coven. We excpect that posts are not Plagirized and are Accurate . As the coven grows so will the learning, so will the forum, and so will the changes.We hope that If you are interested in learning a path/religion, having a coven where you can be free to express your ideas and opinions, or even just a place to hang out to soak up some knowledge and post some of your own knowledge, that you will come join us. To Read the Information of Gypsy Witchcraft please visit Groups>Gypsy Witchcraft. If you have any questions/concerns I am more than happy to address them please mail me if you find any.


Re: ~Gypsy Witchcraft~
By: / Novice
Post # 2

interesting to know :)

Re: ~Gypsy Witchcraft~
Post # 3
hey White.Wolf,
i was just wondering, what kind of things do you guys do?
because, i am very interested in the gypsy witchcraft, and i can do a few easy things, but i am lacking information. would you care to share, please? :)

Re: ~Gypsy Witchcraft~
Post # 4

Well, we have a very informative forum. We do not have any current "Classes" for the coven, like some other covens. But I do teach to my coven if they need me to. I am on almost everyday guaranteed and am usually in the chatter :) If you wish to know about the information the coven holds, why dont you join!? ^-^


Re: ~Gypsy Witchcraft~
Post # 5

Good to see this old coven still up and running as it seems we don't hear a whole lot from you guys these days.

Well, many blessings to you and your leaders,
~ Nalli

Re: ~Gypsy Witchcraft~
Post # 6

Just trying to stir up some interest among the public :)

Re: ~Gypsy Witchcraft~
Post # 7
i have just become a member hello! How do i get to board with lessons n quizzes please

Re: ~Gypsy Witchcraft~
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
You'll have better luck asking that question in your Coven forum rather than in a thread which is two years old and in which several of the posters are no longer members of this site.

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