Darker Magicks

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Darker Magicks
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Right, when someone says "Black Magick", "Darker Magick" or "Satanic Magick" what do you normally think they mean? It's natural with all that is going on at the moment to think evil, bad and harmful. In actualy fact those that actualy look into things like this usually come out, not harmed but more knowledgeable then before. I know that's how it worked for me.

As I have generally studied all the "nasty" and "evil" parts of Magick I'm quite experienced. Necromancy, Shadow Magick, Demonology, Satanic Meditations and the such will give me a bad name. But I'm fine, well I was a bit crazy before I started so there is no change there.

So just do me a favor. Ask yourself "what is black magick?" then think about what I said and will say. The only reason it is branded as evil is because it uses different energies. From things that are natural. Such as death, shadows, darkness and light. I know that many of you will wonder why light is in there, it is in there as it is were Satanic meditational energy is drawn from.

I know that most people will label black magick as the intent if the user(s), but no matter how hard a witch/spell caster tries he/she will always have some usage of darker energies used. But if it is what you believe in then I will not question you. And one other thing to think about, protective Magick. I have never used it. Not even through the circle. They are in needed for most things although people still use them when calling upon spirits. Why ask something for help and protect yourself from it? I mean would you call the cops and lock the door? Think about that.

I know this post is kind of pointless,
But I thought I'd try it. Sometimes I get some good reactions
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Re: Darker Magicks
Post # 2

There are no nasty or evil parts of magick to any kind. Magick is magick. It does not have a color and it is intent, no matter what you think in all honesty.

I don't understand why you would label them as "evil and nasty". I have never heard any parts of magick to be called as evil or nasty. Evil is a relative term. It all depends on what you deem really. I also, don't see how it can give someone a bad name if they study something.

Many beings like to be "called" or summoned in the old fashion way. (It's a respect thing).

If you believe in something that can protect you then, it generally will. (I'm not saying everything will.)

Why would you make this post then if you think it to be pointless yourself?

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Re: Darker Magicks
Post # 3
What's wrong with darker magick. You're just embracing the goddess in her crone form :D
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Re: Darker Magicks
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
The person who posted two posts above stated that there's no such thing as Dark Magic. What if somebody uses Magic to severely hurt somebody? Is there still no thing as Dark Magic? Because it can't be white magic either if that's what your saying.
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Re: Darker Magicks
Post # 5
That's what were/they're saying, :)
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