Darkness and Light!

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Darkness and Light!
Post # 1
Hey everyone its me come back with a new topic, darkness and light! Recently, Ive found an interesting saying or quote about opposites, only in this case its about darkness and light! I found it inspiring and i hope you do too!

Run not from the darkness. Shield not your
eyes from the light. Embrace the darkness as
well as the light. For does the light not cast
shadows? And without the dark, how can we know
light? Both are one and the same, separate yet

As left and right, as male and female, as up and
down, are dark and light. Without one, the other can
have no meaning. As they are but two phases of the
same energy, know that in darkness, there is light.
And in light, there is darkness.

I love it so much :) i wrote it down and put it up on my wall as a poster ^_^ its so inspiring :)

So i must be leaving people of SoM (i sound mystical lol) and please, dont forget the brilliant saying! blessed be!

P.S Do you like it too? why dont you write down your feelings too?
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Re: Darkness and Light!
Post # 2
I find this post quit fascinating and very inspiring and you could add motivational to that =D
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Re: Darkness and Light!
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I've never been afraid of the "dark" only what could lie in it. This relates to magick as well as I fear what could come of magick deem dark but not the magick itself. Life and death, yin and yang, light and dark, everything must have a balance. This is in my mind why no matter how many people there are who are against magick deemed dark there are as many people who practice said magick. I believe everyone has darkness in them and instead of fighting it they should embrace it as it is a part of them.
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Re: Darkness and Light!
Post # 4
Terrahurts- thank you so much ^_^ i just wanted to post this because i found it beautiful yet true in every way :) glad you liked it!

NimirRaj- thats a really nice way of putting it :) see how much i love comments ^_^ thanks you!
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