Magick Responsibilty

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Magick Responsibilty

Magick Responsibilty
Post # 1
Its Moonrays again did ya miss me ;)
Anyways, for me, its now the important POV for magick :) I am focusing on Magick Responsibility and how it affects your work. Read on as it is one of the most important aspects of magick!

When you are using magick, you should take only as much as you need and perhaps a tiny bit more. You shouldnt demand riches, perfect love, eternal beauty, youth, a fabulous job and a lottery win or two.

Magick doesnt provide a help-yourself world. (hehe) You cannot give the gods and goddesses a shopping list and just sit and wait for them to arrive magickally; the divinity is within you to be kindled, and so you need to demand of yourself higher standards than someone who believes in the forgiveness of sins.

If you do wrong, ya cant just say sorry to the godhead and carry on without putting right your mistakes and allowing the sin to live. Confession maybe good for the soul, but magick demands more than that: youve gotta live with the consequences of your deeds, words and thoughts because the power of blessing or curse maybe even greater on the sender then the intender (haha that rhymes!) NOTE* If you do spells for revenge then the effects will rebound on you threefold!

And there you have it. An emotional view on responsibility within magick. Think these words over will you? and dont forget, what goes around, comes around! ;) blessed be!

P.S Did you like it, hate it, like it even more? Comment pleasey please!
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Re: Magick Responsibilty
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I like it and believe similarly. I'm a....Christian witch I guess is the term and I ask for forgiveness for my sins, but I don't automatically forget them like they never happened. I know that sins may be cleansed from my soul but I still remember doing them, plus I'm not big on apologizing when someone doesn't know I did them wrong so I may ask forgiveness but live with the knowledge I never apologized which means in term of religion I probably wasn't completely forgiven for my sins. I also don't believe in the term or thing as karma, but I believe in the concept that if you do something wrong it'll catch up with you even if it's your own guilt plaguing you,
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Re: Magick Responsibilty
Post # 3
thanks ^_^ you really do have a way with words :)
It doesnt matter if your christian, wiccan or pagan, you still need to pay back the sins you have created :) Thanks for posting your opinion!
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Re: Magick Responsibilty
Post # 4
For a post entitled 'Magickal Responsibility', there is some confusion going on here among the subjects of magick, morality, and religion. For example:

Why do we have to adhere to moral principles if we use magick? What if we use magic and don't recognise deity? Who is to say what we can and cannot do with our skills? Why do you believe in the three fold law? Is this a law or a religious belief? If it is a belief, what does it have to do with my magick? Who is to call my deed a sin? To whom do I pay for it? Do non-magickal people get away with simple confession, without living with consequences? And what is trivial about forgiveness? It can be one of the hardest acts we can give to ourselves. Your fourth paragraph carries immense religious undertones.

As far as 'demanding' for things goes, I agree, - demanding is rude. However, why can't I use any kind of my skills to gain riches? Why can I not benefit greatly from good use of well earned skills? If I was a gifted surgeon, would it be unethical to charge for that skill? Who, exactly, says that I 'should' or 'shouldn't' conduct myself in a particular way? What happened to my free will? Is this an article about magick, or an article about religion? I look forward to your addressing of these questions. :)
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Re: Magick Responsibilty
By: / Novice
Post # 5

the only responsibility important is to be responsible for yourself and actions

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