Will some one Help pleas?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Will some one Help pleas?

Will some one Help pleas?
Post # 1
I was wondering if some one could do a reading for me? And let me know what I am looking at in the next two years. I have a daughter. I am with a older man who is the father to our daughter. Will I have more children and a boy or a girl and will my pregnantcy be bad like the one I had with with my daughter? And I also was wondering if my uncle really killed himself May 13th 2001? I know he was being followed by a car load that tryed to run him off the road. And when he was followed when my mother and I was with him we dont know if it was 1 or more people. And I was being stalked where I use to live and my uncle chased of the stalker? And I am wondering if I am still being stalked because sometimes I do get followed at night. And my old dog Teddy number 1 ended up bleeding from his bottom and could not get enough to drink. He did get a hold of a chicken bone but was wondering if he got posioned? If some one through something out into door yard? And I also am wondering if my friend Susan is trustworthy now?
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Re: Will some one Help pleas?
Post # 2

Even if someone did do a reading for you, it can and probably will change.

The future is not set in stone. Just live your life and be happy in the now. What will come will come in time.

If you feel as if you're being stalked, alert the authorities, but try to have some proof of said stalker.

If you think your dog is sick then take him to the vet.

If your friends is not trust worthy, that is up for you to decide. If you feel that you can't trust her, then don't. Magick won't solve as much as you think.

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Re: Will some one Help pleas?
Post # 3
Live your life one day at a time, where you are in life now will predict your future
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Re: Will some one Help pleas?
By: / Novice
Post # 4

the future could always change, readings are just to help you along your path

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Being Stalked Part one
Post # 5
My dog got that problen 7 years ago happen over night had no way to take him to the vet because we had some one messing with our cars so we did not have one. We called the 24 hour vet and they said it sounds like he got posioned we had him put down and still bothers me because he was the greatest with kids and adults he was a dog that was afride of his own shadow. And when we had the stalker sneaking arouned were we use to live they would mess with the car and play with the door handles scrap the trailer. And it seemed like two people we could hear then yell back and forth or wishle. And we called the police alot. And they was gone when the police got there then be back a few minutes after they left. Like they had a cop radio or something. When I had a Rottie Lab mix for a bit he snaped his coler and riped pants off the person. After we got rid of the rottie cause my mum was afride of him. A month after the dog was gone some one stuck their are through the bed room window grabed my pillow and was
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part 2
Post # 6
He was saying hay and woke up to a pillow close to my face I backed off the bed than ran to the living room. My mom saw the person throw the pillow. We moved their after a month it started right up till we moved. That lasted 11 years. When my dad moved in and my parents got remaried they drove by and tryed to shut the street light out. Who ever it was the 2 people in the car were afried of my dad. My dad had a rep of being a crazy nam vet when he was not crazy. But every one new he was a marks men. But my dad past 7 years ago and we have moved. I seem to get followed at nite some times. Can any one do a reading on my past and see if I know my stalker and if my uncle peter took his life or if some one else done it after my grandfathers death my grandmothers seats in her car got slashed and tiars. My uncle lived their after the brake up with ex and and he died on the steps. If some one did a past reading it would be good and I would be so greatful.
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