God and Goddess 1

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God and Goddess 1
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I thought it'd be fun to make a forum series for beginners. and we earn all about the different Gods and Goddesses. Each Week I put up a new God and Goddess to learn about and at the end of the week we say what we learned about the God And Goddess we were researching.

I'm gonna start us off with learning about :

The Goddess Kahi And The God Horus

And whoever wants to join me in researching these can and leave comments.
If you already know about them, leave comments with advice on working with them.
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Re: God and Goddess 1
Post # 2
Off the top of my head i have seen a program that compares the story of Horus to the story of Jesus. Horus pre dated christianity by a couple of thousand years. He was born to the goddess Isis after she resurreceted Osiris. She fled to the Nile Delta to hide from her brother set who would want to kill her son out of jealousy. He was the one who killed Osiris. Jesus was conceived by the holy spirit and born to Mary. She had to flee King Herod as he would want to kill her son.....
There are many similarities between the two stories and Horus came first by quite a long time. I will let some else carry on the story.
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Re: God and Goddess 1
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3

A stern reminder to all members to be cautious about those offering help in return for money or a monetary fee. It is not wise to give out personal information to those you meet over the internet. If you are are ever offered such assistance please save all emails and alert a moderator about the situation.

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