Channeling of Energy

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Channeling of Energy
Post # 1
well in my class i got bored and concentrated on the energy in my body and then i concentrated it again in both of my hands and then i kept my both hands closer and i pumped the energy into the air gap present between my hands i felt some intense energy in that air gap and when i tried to keep my hands closer then the energy repelled both of my hands just like *magnets like poles* repel each other, as i tried even hared it repelled even more strongly.

But when i tried to it another time or the other it did not happen.

can energy have effect on matter like that?

i am a beginner, so please give me tips to channel my energy.

Thanks in advance and Blessed Be!
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Re: Channeling of Energy
Post # 2

It's very possible what you were experiencing was the creation of a psi ball. This is a ball of energy that you can manipulate.

It's possible that the reason it happened that one time rather than the others because of your level of concentration, or your disbelief afterwards. Our minds often like to work against us especially in this scientific age for lack of a better term.

Yes, energy can have an effect on matter. The manipulation of energy causes changes in our world, in yourself, in everything. Being able to feel the energy and observe the effects yourself through feeling is an excellent way to begin.

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Re: Channeling of Energy
Post # 3
Thanks AdrinaW, that was very helpful.
i will concentrate more on it.
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Re: Channeling of Energy
Post # 4

Glad I could be of some help hun.

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Re: Channeling of Energy
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Yes, by the sound of what you are saying it was a psi ball or energy ball. When you've tried that a few times it's good to try and shape it into other things... Such as a rod or circle. Or if you are feeling like your good at it a person. When you create a person out of energy you can invite a spirit into it and after slot if practice, actualy train with it. Like in meditation and martial arts, or if you ask the spirit destructive Magick. If you would like a few methods to try feel free to mail me :) or if anyone else wants a few methods to try out please mail me.
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