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Post # 1
good day to you guys, can you tell me what are your experiences of working with crystals? Can I use it to open up my sixth sense and "stimulate" my psychic ambition? Ive been thinking about buying a crystal.
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Re: Crystals
Post # 2
I have several crystal's :) i have this big clump of selenite, and it's great for pain relief, while i was doing my end of year exams, i kept getting these intense tooth aches (turned out to be a sinus infection) it never left my sight :L
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Re: Crystals
Post # 3

Crystals can have a huge effect on us. The energy they give off can change the way we feel, or think, or are seen. As TDS said, selenite is great for pain relief, and it never left his sight.

For example, if you purchase a crystal for love (such as Rose Quartz), and carry it around with you, the energy it gives off will attract loving vibes. Of course, it could be for self-love, not just for relationships with other people. And of course, you can get many other uses. Clear Quartz can be empowered with the properties of any other crystal.

I recently purchased a stone which had calmness as one of its metaphysical properties. Its calming aura mixes with our bio-eletrical field and influences us.

And yes, there is some that can enhance your psychic abilities, such as Amethyst, Aquamarine, Azurite, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Sugilite.

A truly great site on crystals with info, although not many crystals are listed.

Another great site with lots of info and lots of gems/crystals listed: I suggest reading most of the links under the picture. :)

Please also note that the bigger the gemstone, the larger the amount of energy it gives off. And how pure it is (not chemically altered) can also change how well it preforms. Make sure you cleanse your crystals before use.

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Re: Crystals
Post # 4
You can use a crystal for most anything.
I have worked with them for a few years, i use them as pocket stones, in grids, next to my bed for dream recall, storing energy, expanding perception, sending energy, receiving energy, receiving knowledge, guidance, the list goes on and on.
I've recently been thinking of engraving a sigil on a particular point of quartz i have.
The possibilities are limitless =)
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Re: Crystals
Post # 5
thanks alot! :) how can I use a crystal in magic rituals? Can anyone describe in detail how I should do. Can I put the crystal in water? In which direction in the circle should it be placed?
And can I place it under my pillow? ( so I can dream of the future)
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Re: Crystals
Post # 6
Your only limit is your imagination, you can do all of the above.
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