The Key Of Solomon

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The Key Of Solomon
Post # 1
All we know the famous following grimoires..
(the Great Key Of Solomon)and(the Lesser key of Solomon),which were translated by the father of Golden Dawn (S.L.MacGregor Mathers),from Latin manuscript which itself was translated from Hebrew manuscript.
I`d Like to know Who is the real author of the Hebrew manuscript. who can tell me that???
And also we found (Key Of Solomon) pdf folders in many websites holding (Mathers) name, (Great = 2 books),(Lesser = 5 books),Are they completed/fabricated/lacking some points....etc.?
and if we follow their instructions, their results can be accomplished?

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Re: The Key Of Solomon
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
That becomes one of the big debates. Who was the original author?

Certainly, as having been translated from Hebrew, we would like to believe that it is a manuscript that has been passed on, rewritten, etc. since Solomon himself.

Unfortunately, much of the linguistic style, the methods for describing the hierarchy of demons, and so forth point somewhat more toward medieval Europe as a period of origin rather than any old testament era.

While Hebrew apocryphal traditions are filled with various summoning methods and so forth, most of them can only be traced back to the medieval era, with little evidence existing that they date back much further than this. We must remember that within Hebrew tradition Solomon was eventually killed for turning away for Yahweh (god) for the very practice that is described with the Key of Solomon and the Lesser Key. This, to me, paints a rather unlikely picture of any real Hebrew mysticism growing up around his practices as they were already condemned by god and their religious traditions, and in turn casts a degree of skepticism over the Key and Lesser key's origins actually dating back to Solomon himself.

As mentioned above, the demons themselves are described very much in a medieval fashion, with legions and qualities and so forth that leave them seeming a blend of more ancient depictions of such spirits and more prevalent qualities that seem more in line with the various doctrines produced by the church at the time - the malleus malificarum and various demonologies actually produced so as to identify wtiches,demons, and those who consort with them.

Despite all of this, there are some interesting bits of high magic rooted within the texts, that offer you methods and practices that can be applied to a great many purposes. Also, while many of the claims of demons providing you with literal, secret gold, the ability to fly, and so forth are more than outlandish (I rather doubt the Golden Dawn would have so many legal troubles/divisions if they could just solve their problems with armies of demons), the insights provided concerning yourself, the world around you, and the nature of spirits/demons/angels themselves is definitely worthwhile gain should you decide to move forward with your evocation.
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Re: The Key Of Solomon
Post # 3
One early version of the greater key can be found in I really wouldn't bother with this because alot of the alledgedly earlier manuscripts are in fact nothing like the modern mathers translation. Some of them gave similarities, others resemble Liber Juratus. Usually, these earlier texts will only have the instructions for the tools found in the second book without the experiments in the first.
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Re: The Key Of Solomon
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I would love to read the Latin version. I've only read the English one. Since I don't know Hebrew, that would be the closest to the original I can translate for myself. Does anyone know where I could find the Latin one?

From my knowledge, no one knows the true author. Legend states that it was not King Solomon himself, but was based on his work, possibly passed down generations (which would make it a variation). The true author is unknown. It was written by a ghost writer under the pen name of King Solomon. Regardless, it is a very interesting read and is steaped in astrology, symbology, numerology, mythology and a mix of ancient ways. I love symbolism so I really enjoyed reading it.
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Re: The Key Of Solomon
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Many people have performed the magick in the Keys and have had varying success. I really think that it depends on how much you research the origin and meanings behind the Keys before performing anything within (which should be done regardless). I can see many similarities in the rituals practiced in Hermetic magick. So regardless of anything, the knowledge behind the keys themselves is valuable. You just need to dig beneath it's surface.
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