Empathy On Steriods

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Empathy On Steriods
Post # 1
7 years ago I went to school and everything was fine until I went in the front doors. And then it hit me: I could sense emotions and people thoughts. Not hear them though. After that I tried to control it. For months I tried putting a wall between my powers and the normal world (which I can do easily now) but I could never get it right. I cried all the time and the slightest emotion in the atmoshpere would send me into a rage or make me cry on the spot. I got in trouble all the time. As the years wore on I began to control it. And I as I practiced it my power grew. Now it is to the point that I can sense all energy. Well all energy that I have come across. But certain energies are harder to sense. Lead is one of them. I can sense mood swings in the atomoshere and even when someone get up from sitting down. The reason I post this thread is cause I was wondering if anybody else had the high empathic power as I do. I don't really know what to call it though. I just call it empathy. Although I am sure that wording is incorrect. Any thoughts? And please remember to be nice in your posting. ^.^
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Re: Empathy On Steriods
Post # 2
I have had empathy my whole life really along with my dreams which made me a rather sensitive child. As my abilities grew so did it. I believe it is not as much as an ability as it is a matter of perception of our true selves, possibly caused by less clutter surrounding it, which may also accelerate other psychic and spiritual growth. To me it always seemed like I was feeling the connection through a shroud more thin than most others to everyone, especially those close, physically and emotionally.
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Re: Empathy On Steriods
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
try meditating. intense meditation should be able to control it. then you can learn how to "shut" it off. try more energy shielding practices. experiment with it. should you make it thicker? thinner? brighter? more dense? should you create a filter? how many shells? stuff like that. please check out this youtube video. :D
blessed be!!
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Re: Empathy On Steriods
Post # 4
Well I can control it now. But years ago I couldn't. I can create the shield you talk about with minimal effort.
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