Relaxation Techniques

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Relaxation Techniques
Post # 1
Do you ever get that feeling that you just cant relax? Here are some tips that might help. First of all you must become aware of all of the muscles in your body. Lay down somewhere that you find soothing, such as in your bedroom. Working from your feet up, lightly clench each muscle individually for the count of three, then relax it. Follow this pattern from your feet up your legs untill you reach your chest.

When you move to your chest, clench the muscles in both arms for a count of three down to your fingertips. Once again return to your chest muscles and tense them for a count of three up to your neck and then your head.

Each time you do this, note the difference in feeling between the clenched and relaxed state of each muscle. This will help you learn what part of your body is holding on to tension.

It will also help if you note where you feel the most tension. Do you get stressed having to cook? Are you more stressed in your office from overworking? When you feel stressed in a particular room ask yourself "why does this room stress me out?". Knowing what situations cause your stress can be and invaluable tool in relaxtion. Then you can remove yourself from that situation that is stressing you.

Some people like to burn candles or incense to help them relax. One good one is Lavender. Lavender is soothing and can help relieve unwanted tension. It is important however to pic a scent that is comforting and relaxing to you. Everyone has a different taste in scents therefor no one is right or wrong.

Another important thing to relieve tension is stretching. When you work your muscles in your body they grow stronger. This means they need more bloodflow and more room to grow. Once again find a peacefull spot where you csn sit or lie down. Stretch out your muscles working from your head down to your feet. You should feel a pulling sensation in the muscles but no pain. If you do feel pain while strethching, stop that particular stretch and move on.
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Re: Relaxation Techniques
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Tarot and Numerology.
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Re: Relaxation Techniques
Post # 3
Very nice Violet, thankyou for sharing :)
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Re: Relaxation Techniques
Post # 4
Thank you!
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Re: Relaxation Techniques
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
how amazing that is the same method i have been using for years!! its my fave method and works great!
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