Many blessings to all!

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Many blessings to all!
Post # 1
Hi there! My name is roxe and I was born on Halloween, hence my interest in the legendary arts of magic and spells. I'm a novice at it and just recently performed a Hot Foot powder ritual. I followed the instructions to make the Hot Foot powder and I spread it on the ground where the intended party walks upon (front area of their entry door). They are a tenant of ours that hasn't paid for 3 months, is on welfare and it seems she has no intention of leaving. We need the apartment back in our possession because of many financial difficulties we are going through right now. My question is: After I sprinkled the Hot Foot powder in front of her entry door area it began to rain. Does this mean that what I did is now worthless or does the intended ritual still has it's power even though rain has fallen upon the powder? Do I have to sprinkle it again? It seems it might rain straight for two days so what can I do to ensure it will be working as it should? Thank you all in advance for whatever advice you can give me. I am very happy to be part of this group. Thank you for having it. :)
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Re: Many blessings to all!
Post # 2
It is not the powder as much as it is the belief.

Did you focus your energy into the powder? If so, do not worry
about re-applying the powder. Your intent is there and will stay, rain or shine.
Give all spells 1 lunar month to take effect. Do not dwell on the spell - trust in the universe to bring the outcome back to you.

If you did not visualize or manifest your energies into the powder - there will not be much, if any effect. And you may wish to try again.

Blessed Be,

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Re: Many blessings to all!
Post # 3
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Re: Many blessings to all!
By: / Adept
Post # 4
With Hot Foot Powder, the aim is for the person to step in it, therefore you need to reapply it. If this is a stubborn situation, you may need to reapply it regularly and possibly follow it up with some move-away spellwork. I like bottle spells where you dispose of them in running water.

With herbal magic, and especially hoodoo - which Hot Food Powder is a part of the hoodoo cannon - it is not all intent. That is New Age, Neo-Pagan dogma. When working with botanical helpers such as Red and Black Pepper, both ingredients in most Hot Foot recipes, we are relying on the inherent powers of the botanicals to assist us in our task. Therefore, you need them to get into the target.

Since this is a hot foot situation where you want this person to hot foot it out of your house, then they need to step in it. Best of luck.
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