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Spiritual Satanism

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Spiritual Satanism
By: / Novice
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Right, before I you go on to read the main post here please could I state that I did it to enlighten people, not to start arguments with people who are to ignorant to look of both sides of a story. So please read this then if you wish to ask questions feel free to and I, or another member will answer. But if you are Christian please do not get all up in my face or anyone elses about your beliefs if Satan. As I said earlier two sides of a story.

Hey guys,?
Right, so when you hear the word demon or Satan what does it make you think of? I know for most people it means "evil" and "adversary". But the real meaning of the word Satan is truth, and the original word Daemon meant "a wise entity". In a language called Sanskrit, which is hundreds if not thousands of years older than Hebrew, the word Satan is built up of three blocks. Sa Ta N. The three main letters and sounds of their language. Sa means light, similar to Hebrew where Sol means light. Ta means truth and symbolises justice. N is still a unknown meaning, to me anyway, I will look into it but it is one if the most used letters in their alphabet.

The religion known as Satanism is commonly misunderstood. In fact I bet that not many of you knew that there is two (main) types. Three if you include the Nazi. But I am only looking at the main two. These are known as Spiritual Satanism and LaVeyan Satanism. LaVeayan Satanism is the more violent source of Satanism, it is also another term used for "Violent Aithest". They do not truly follow any religion, but consider themselves as gods and goddess'. I personally do not like many LaVeyan Satanist as all they do is live under Satans name without actuly believing he exists. On the other side is Spiritual Satanism, I won't lie to any of you I am one of these, but it is nothing like the Christian church makes it out to be. In fact there is near to nothing similar about the two. Spiritual Satanism is a religion based upon love and spiritual knowledge. It is about achieving something known as GodHead. Godhead is a point of spiritual power that is un-passable in this plane. It is where you have reached the level of almost bring a God. It was also the point of Heremtic Alchemy. Transforming your spirit from a lead to gold. When this is achieved energy flow will come to you naturally, you aura is whiter than white and your abilities in meditation are incredible. I have sat with someone who has achieved Godhead for hours meditating and I swear than I saw him lift of the ground a little bit for a second or two. I know that it sounds fluffy but it's what I saw. To achieve this it is very helpful to have a guardian demon. Now in my last thread their was lots of confusion about the term "Guardian Demon", so I would just like to make sure everyone understands it. A Guardian Demon is like your spirit guide. They watch out for us and help us in our studies and practises.?

Demon's come into Spiritual Satanism, though some people will dis-agree this is what I was taught to belive, they are the gods of Satanism as most of them willingly choose to help us achieve the state of GodHead. My Guardian Demon is unknown to me, but I have a relationship with another demon and she watches over me and helps me. Should the time ever come I would pay her back with my cervice. She is quite a high ranking demon, her name is Morax. But she is more commonly known as the Egyptian Goddess Maat. Like all the gods of satanism she is a Egyptian God/dess. The gods of Duat (hell) are the original gods of humanity. Many of the newer entities there are from later religions such as Norse and Greek.?

You may have noticed that I have yet to mention Satan is much detail. As I said earlier his name means truth, not adversary. Although I have never been face to face with him I have a pretty good idea of what he looks like. From what has been described to me by a High Priestess of Joy of Satan (I took this part privately and not from their site). He is the peak of beauty, there is nothing more beautiful than him. He appears with white skin and a finely woven white robe that goes over were his feet should be, but I believe that he floats instead of walks. With well combed blonde hair that goes just past his ears. ?His aura is so white that it is hard to look at, and unlike all other Demon's energy his does not leave you feeling electrified (this is true, after being touched by a demon you feel electrified), but loved. He could make even the most depressed person turn beyond happy just by entering their presence. Even though I have never seen him when performing the black-mass (i will look into the black-mass in a moment) I feel his energy, and it is amazing.?

The last thing that is commonly mis-understood about Spiritual Satanism is the black mass. It is true that we wear black robes and chime a bell but we do not have a naked virgin woman on the alter with her legs tied apart, a chalice that is full of the blood of un-babtised baby's, upside down crosses hanging from the ceiling while Demon's trample a Christian cross and a fire burns in the shape of a pentagram around the caster. It is nothing like that, nor has it ever been. In Spiritual Satanism sexuality is encouraged and is often preformed ritually, this is where the idea virgin woman came from. The bell is true, but we only chime it once as it creates are spiritual passage between our plane and the astral. Ever noticed that when a bell chimed you feel lots of energy? That's why. The idea of un-babtised children being sacrificed was a ploy used to scare mothers into baptising their children and therefore giving the church large sums of money. Demons are involved in this as when performing it we invoke the four Princes of Duat. Satan, Azazel, Beelzebuth and Astaroth. Each of their names is sacred in Satanism, they also supply use with the ritual protection and energy to do so. When you do this you feel just how strong Satans energy is. As I have been in the presence of Azazel and his energy is very very heavy and strong, yet Satans drowns it out completely.?

I hope that this has helped you to understand Satanism, if there are any questions I would be more than happy to answer any questions you ask. But please do not come at me with the whole "Satan is a fallen angel" Christian belief. I respect your beliefs but this is here to help ease the hatred towards my religion and it's followers.?
Brightest Blessings
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Re: Spiritual Satanism
Post # 2
Great Post!
5/5 Stars!
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Re: Spiritual Satanism
Post # 3
It's not my belief but you explained it well, i feel i have been informed on a world i didn't know existed :)

Great post :D
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Re: Spiritual Satanism
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Thanks dark :)
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Re: Spiritual Satanism
Post # 5
Thank you son for this post
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Re: Spiritual Satanism
By: / Novice
Post # 6
definitely opens ones eyes, good post
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Re: Spiritual Satanism
Post # 7
Interesting but I would never become a satanist lol because I help innocent people and would never follow someone who has an evil reputation and if satan came to me in my meditation I'll still vanish him lol

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Re: Spiritual Satanism
Post # 8
terrahurts satan is not bad thats what this post is about he is not evil that is the worlds perception of him. he is very loving and kind
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Re: Spiritual Satanism
Post # 9
I keep an open mind to everything but satan has the most evil reputation ever and if he invited me to hell I will turn him down straight I'm not christian because I believe the bible is too man made for a logical solution
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Re: Spiritual Satanism
Post # 10
I figured as much. Always had a feeling there was something fishy in catholic teachings. I always felt every being had their own story. This helps prove my suspicion that christianity was full of misconceptions and deception ( refering to the mideivel period were you were forced to pay money to be "forgiven"!)
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