I am curious

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> I am curious

I am curious
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I've been smoking Marijuana for a while as meditation and ways to have fun or enjoy life more. Its also really helpful for my depression.
I think because its a herb it shouldn't be bad to smoke during relaxing rituals to calm the body and mind.
But I'm curious to see what my fellow Witches think about this.
I'd like to ask that no one would try to talk me out of smoking, no offense but I know I'll be smoking for a while.
So what is everyone thoughts on Marijuana and smoking it for spiritual use.

(I'm not promoting the use of "drugs" what so ever. I'm simply just curious)
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Re: I am curious
Post # 2
Well, as a traditional Shaman, I've never used any drug in my work, although it is widely used in shamanism.

Personally, I find no spiritual value in it and know of many who use it as an excuse to consume drugs. *shrug*
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Re: I am curious
Post # 3
^ Traditionally, certain psychoactive plants/fungi are essential to shamanic work. It may be, however, that in some regions, they did not use them.

One must be careful about what drugs one consumes, and how they consume them. I don't think cocaine, for instance, will ever be spiritually beneficial to anyone, and it's bad for the body.

That said, less-harmful drugs - like marijuana or psilocin-containing mushrooms - CAN be beneficial to magical or spiritual practice. They won't teach you anything about the universe, like some people mistakenly begin to believe after tripping one too many times, but they can teach you things about yourself... if you are prepared and know what you're doing, and if your body is finished growing.

To experience an altered state is something that can't be put into words. It's like nothing else in the world, and that's where the benefit can come from.

Do not fall into the trap of believing drugs are ALL bad. Unfortunately, the U.S. government puts out a lot of propaganda about drugs, and nearly everything they tell you in school or in D.A.R.E. is a lie... or at least, it was when I was in school. Cannabis, LSD, and "magic mushrooms", for instance, are not bad for the body at all. Physically, they don't cause harm; mentally can be another story, of course.

Drugs should NOT be used by anyone under 18, as their effects on still-growing bodies are usually unknown and could be harmful. However, research things for yourself before believing what people tell you - because they will tell you a lot of lies about drugs. is a good resource for research, as is Wikipedia.
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Re: I am curious
By: / Novice
Post # 4
to me, i see the affects of marijuana in my school and i dont support it. it makes smart kids dumb, and dumb kids dumber... its a waste of time for me. i also know a lot of kemo patients and seen what it does to them. its a poisonous substance if abused. i dont support pot, as there are many other ways to gets its benefits. although in cases like kemo, i would support it, but personally i would never use it. but also its peoples personal choice to use it and put all this poison in them when there are plenty of information about its cons.
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Re: I am curious
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
i wouldnt recommend smoking it....its unhealthy. even if its for spiritual use, the god and goddess wouldnt want you to get sick. "harm none" also implies yourself
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Re: I am curious
Post # 6
Cannabis (marijuana) doesn't make you dumb. This was spread by an old study that has long been discredited. It can, however, impair your short-term memory while you use it, but this isn't permanent.

Cannabis isn't unhealthy, either... unless you are still growing, and unless you smoke it. Smoking any plant material has negative cardiovascular and respiratory effects, unfortunately, even cannabis. Vaporizing or eating it is better.

The only issue remaining to be addressed is mental health and cannabis use. Cannabis use is correlated with several psychiatric problems. Whether it causes mental problems, or whether people with mental problems self-medicate with cannabis, has yet to be determined. - information on cannabis and health.
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Re: I am curious
Post # 7
Ooops, to continue and lastly;
3)Do not smoke every day. Try to think of Canabis as a "mini vacation" well merited.
4)Yes, Canabis will enhance your meditation, especially with music in the background. Experiment in nature, indoors, on top of a mountain you have just climbed (I did this). Your meditations will be much more intense.
If you abuse the drug, this intensity will seem boring and you will want more and this gets worse, down a dark road. And yes, you will become lazy and just want to get high.
Canabis is special, don't mistreat this, just because it's available.
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Re: I am curious
Post # 8
That's good advice, LoneStar. I seem to recall another post with #s 1 and 2, though - what happened to it? It also had good advice.

I used to make the mistake of smoking cannabis all day, every day. It ended up messing with my appetite, and becoming unsatisfying by itself. If you keep it as something special, you won't regret it.
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Re: I am curious
Post # 9
Hello, Vilhjalmar;
I accidently deleted #1 and #2 by mistake. Aw, nuts. Anyway Don't get high on your own supply..., No, that's not it..., let's see, oh yes;
1) Consider smoking canabis as a reward for something well done. Stimulus; you do something, Response; you reward yourself by smoking some canabis. Smoke it after doing your homework, cutting the lawn, cleaning your room or, helping out your Dad or your Mom then afterwards, when you have time to relax, smoke some canabis. This trains your mind as an incentive, like scoobie snacks to Scoobie Doo. Always treat yourself to something special after you have accomplished something major, even if it's as simple as a fried chicken dinner or, a subway sandwich. If you read Psychology books on training methods, you will understand what I mean.
2) NEVER smoke it before you do something important, like going to school high. This is totally idiotic. It is hard to cope clearly, when one is high. Remember, getting high is a privilege. It is almost like a gift from God. Do not abuse this privilege. Abusing this, is like eating too much candy. One gets Diabetes type II.
Written by a College Grad. survivor.
Blessed Be.
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Re: I am curious
Post # 10
I think that if it works for you do it. Marijuana has no long lasting effects on the body and is used in many rituals brought from the not so distant past.

The thought of it being taboo is based on what society deems right and wrong.

My opinion is to do whatever works for you and makes you happy. But like all herbs they shouldn't be overly used. :)
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