hi im new here

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hi im new here
Post # 1
I need advice im 21 years old an ever sinc i was 9 had the same dream almost every night ad I wake up with scratches and or marks I already know that my dreams most of the time.but lately I have been dreaming of a demon or a daemon like he likes to be called and i'm starting to become scared any avicewillhelp as long it is serious advice. also i would ike to know if i have been scame I brought a ring that is suppose tohve a vampire trapped in it
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Re: hi im new here
Post # 2
I don't know anything about the ring sorry, but about the scratch and marks that means you have been touched by a sprit, I to wake up with scratch and bruse`s and just wantes to respon to you forum because no one has responded to mine rather. Zayda p.s. I hope mabey we can b friends.
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Re: hi im new here
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I think the Vampire-in-a-ring was a scam. Sorry, but you don't have to listen to me, just an idea. And as Zayda said, you've been touched by a spirit. One that's trying to contact you. You shouldn't be scared. You could possibly try contacting a spirit and asking for help.
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Re: hi im new here
Post # 4
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Re: hi im new here
Post # 5
ive had this happen to me before. only, it wasnt a dream. but it did happen to me in my sleep. the daemon is trying to communicate with you. of course, it is not in a positive way. if it is really bothering you, i suggest that you use my protection potion bottle ritual (on my profile under favorites) and sleep with amethyst under your pillow almost every night. also. have the bottle with you when you sleep. or you can try a dream catcher.

ps. you can also try banishing the dream. but that might not get rid of the daemon. make sure to protect yourself. figure out what it wants to tell you, that might make it leave. use meditation to project yourself to its plane and ask it. anyways. the first option is the easiest. you dont have to do any of this. just thought i should throw my help in there ^ ^
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