Being a witch not a wicca

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Being a witch not a wicca
Post # 1
(couldn't fit it all in the title)
Being a Witch and not a Wiccan?

Alright. so for about 4-5 years or so, i have been pagan but i have followed most things having to do with wicca like worshiping the god and goddess.
I have had a wonderful journey so far but for the past year, it has felt like i can not connect to deity at all. i have tried and tried, but it feels like i cant connect at all like i used to.
i don't want to through everything out the window because i still feel like i want to stay in but choose a different path.
i know that most wiccans are witches but not all witches are wiccan. so what i am saying is how COULD i be a witch without being a wiccan?
could i just follow the 5 elements? or would it be wrong to dis-include the god/goddess? it just feels different because i have believed in something for so long and now it does not feel right. i want to still be a witch, but for now put the religion aspect on hold. maybe wicca is not the religion for me and i need to keep searching but i still want to be a witch im just not sure how to do that D:

(please excuse me if this is confusing, im not really sure how to phrase it)
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Re: Being a witch not a wicca
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You certainly could be a Witch without being Wiccan. Wicca, as you know is a specific religion with specific beliefs and practices. But witchcraft is simply a magical practice. While it is true that some Witches are also Pagans and treat their craft as a religion just as Wiccans do, it is also true that other Witches choose to follow other religions or no religion at all. Working with the Elements and with Nature without including any Deities is a perfectly acceptable way to be a Witch...but wouldn't work for a Wiccan. If that's the way you feel drawn then calling yourself Witch but not Wiccan would be very appropriate
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Re: Being a witch not a wicca
Post # 3
that's pretty much what i figured~
i actually have not called my self wiccan for quite some time only because it was very confusing for me with the whole "title" thing.
"oh your a solitary? your not a wiccan! you have to be in a coven!" or "you can be a wiccan! you don't have to join a coven!"
things like that just made me confused out of my wits so i went on calling myself a pagan just because it was easier. but i still continued practicing the way i did before but i do know that essentially you cant be a wiccan without gods/goddess so that's why i used the term witch~
it seems a lot more fitting for now especially that i can be a witch and i can still continue to search for that right path~

but thank you for the help~
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Re: Being a witch not a wicca
Post # 4
Meh, don't worry to much about labels. If you pratice magick, you are a witch, in my view. Anything else is religion :)
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Re: Being a witch not a wicca
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
gods and goddesses will come to you at the right time.
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Re: Being a witch not a wicca
Post # 6
Many people on this site gravitate toward being a wiccan, but that is nothing more than being religious. You don't need that religion to practice magic. Magic is like science or math, it will be there no matter what path you follow. It is what you do with the knowledge that limits you or opens doors for you.
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Re: Being a witch not a wicca
Post # 7

Well I would say it is not impoartant what you label yourself as. Many people on this site consider themselves to be WICCAN regardless of if it is true. As many others have said its all kind just relative.

If you feel uncomfortable or boggles down with the labels, let them go. This is your jouney and your path and you will find your way. If you are worried exclusively by deties then don't worry some WICCANS don't have a specific deity at all.

And I myself refer to the duality as the universe because this is what makes sense to me.

Heres an article I wrote on what it means to be pagan... maybe it will help.

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Re: Being a witch not a wicca
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
Of course you can be a witch with no religion. Nature is the true source of all magick. Just look at it! Every deity is an aspect of nature...apart of nature! Therefore nature is the "whole", and "deities" are the "spirits of", the parts!

Every religion breaks it down differently, but all in all, it's still the same basis.

Look at the tree of life. It is made up of divine (branches), mundane (ground level) and spirit (roots). But the tree itself--life itself--encompasses all three.

Never do anything that doesn't feel right to you. Keep an open mind and follow your heart, and you'll walk down your personal path. There is no need for labels. There is no need to "fit into" other people's beliefs. Belief is so very personal, my viewpoint on it is that it should be discovered and deciphered by the individual only, with the Higher Self and common sense as the only guidance.

The Oracle at Delphi's "Know Thyself" is a powerful statement. How can we know ourselves by looking around us for answers? We can't. We will only know ourselves truly by looking within.
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