before you spell cast....

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before you spell cast....
By: / Novice
Post # 1
ok so i would like to go threw a bunch of things for everyone on items that are part of the overall effectiveness of your spells

Many people come in public chatter and coven saying things like "spells never work" "ive been practicing basics for three whole days can i cast now" well if you want your spell to be successful make sure everything plays its part.

the effecting items are...

1) the individuals belief in the spell
This means if you have top yourself "this junk is nonsense" the spell you can pretty much go and say it wont work you have already told yourself and the magick your casting that its not. you must trust yourself and your own ability believe with all your heart that the spell your casting can and will work
2) the individuals state of mind
This Means that if you wish to cast a love spell you can not be feeling nothing but anger or sorrow you have to feel the emotion that is at the base of your overall spells intent laughing while casting a curse isnt going to cut it anger for anger love for love and so on.
3) the casters own magical maturity
I know all of you are super eager to cast spells but I promise you that the more you wait and know the more in-tune with your own abilities you are the more you know the more you practice the higher your success rate will be and in my opinion if you want to learn magick just for spell work you have no real business in it you should be interested in it for more then the "glamor"
4)The spell
I know many want good spells to "practice with" but honestly the best spells are the ones YOU create for YOU to meet YOUR needs the spells in books and on this site were created by others to meet a specific need and most are nothing more than a spell pulled from hairy potter
5)proper tools and equipment
if you want to use herbs or gems colors candles oils incense wands what ever make sure it is correct for what you are trying to accomplish if you use try using a herb like moonwort which is used for love and money spells to cast a spell for gaining courage to preform on stage it probably isnt going to be very helpful in giving you the results you want be sure to research the things you add to your spells and insure they fit you and your spell remember some things such as colors do differ from person to person
6)Moon Phases.
There are four moon phases each with there own uses they are as followed each phase has about 7 day period 3( or 3.5) days before day of to 3(or 3.5) days after i prefer day before of or after the peak of the phase
full moon- said to be when moon is most powerful for spells of completion, guidance, healing
waxing moon- from new-full for positive things love, wealth, courage, health, luck, friendship, success... (thats all i can think of at moment)
new moon- the phase to "start new things"or "get rid of things" the moon is fresh at this point its time for all those spells to change things :)so spark up some love a little romance a little good health
waning moon- from full to new for banishing things, get rid of sickness, hexes, enemies, spirits... thinks of that nature.
I am sure there's more meanings for the "bad" sides of things but i am a healer so this is the guidelines i fallow
7) Planetary hours and days
the time of day/night and which day of week are also effecting factors this is a lot to type and frankly I don't have that sort of time so I have a website that lists them for you

I would like to end in stating that this is my overall analysis this is not stating that you NEED all of these or that you must go by this but that I think these are crucial elements to spell casting I know many will disagree with some things i have said and i am fine with that hope some of you beginners find this helpful and same for other :)
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Re: before you spell cast....
By: / Novice
Post # 2
sorry for sounding a bit short in #7 im overly tired :(
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Re: before you spell cast....
Post # 3

Excellent post Kandi ! Well done!Simply love it. Very helpful. :)

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Re: before you spell cast....
By: / Novice
Post # 4
thank you angie i appreciate your feed back
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Re: before you spell cast....
Post # 5
A very nice post! These basic tenets are some of what those of my family who follow our heritage follow and learn throughout our year and a day training.
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Re: before you spell cast....
Post # 6
Yes, excellent info. You should post more often! ;)
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Re: before you spell cast....
Post # 7
I agree.

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Re: before you spell cast....
Post # 8
kool post i saved it ty
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Re: before you spell cast....
By: / Novice
Post # 9
So should you stone ;)
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Re: before you spell cast....
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 10
Very nice post for those who desire to walk down a traditional european path.

Although I would like to add that 5,6 and 7 are personal choices and aren't necessary. I know many successful magickal practioners that cast with nothing but their own mind and never take into account time of day, day of the week, or the moon. They're nice to incorporate when you wish. I don't use 7 at all in my spells. I only take into consideration 4 aspects of the moon phases--full moon, no moon, waxing and waning.

I just wanted to add this because some witches, especially those still in the broom closet, don't always have the ability to perform full ceremonies/rituals, and have restraints as to when they can find time alone to cast in peace. Also, some may not have the ability to purchase "proper" ingredients and tools.

Being a working mom, I personally have time only late at night and practise between midnight and 3am when I find the need to cast. Sometimes between 3am and 6am if I am working late.

I enjoy the brightness of a full moon and always feel a pull to cast during one. Sometimes I do, but other times, I'm too busy or tired and it passes before I get a chance. So I make due with whatever time I have. There are times I use a complete alter and other times it's just me and a single lit candle for light and focus or just nature itself (I love to cast while sitting in the grass under the full moon, nothing but my mind and nature surrounding).
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