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Post # 1
I hadn't practice magic for more than one year and now my mind eye's not functioning as before anymore. I could see ghosts and hear what they said very clearly in the past but I can't do the same these days. What happen? Anyone know the solution?
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Post # 2
maybe a spirit did something to you,or someone cast curse on you
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By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Nonsense Legendary.

My question is, why did you stop using your gift?

I'm sorry to say, but there is no quick solution to this. You have denied your gift for a year, and denying a gift is the worsed thing we can possibly do. The mind is a powerful thing and in pushing away from such things in life, you've subconsciously closed yourself off. It is harder to get it back. We must continue to embrace it, even if we are not actively using it daily. If it is a gift, you should be experiencing it everyday regardless if you try or not. But ignoring it, is telling ourselves we don't want it, that it isn't important any longer.

Spiritual senses are no different than our physical senses on many levels. When we first walk into a room, and we smell the scent of oranges, the longer we are in the room, ignoring the scent, our mind filters it out, and we can't smell them anymore. We can pick up an orange and smell it, but our ability to smell the scent in the air is gone. We will have to walk out of the room and reenter in order for our minds to "reset" and register the scent of oranges again. This goes for every sense. Once we consciously or subconsciously label something as unimportant, we stop actively sensing/noticing it.

With spiritual senses, there are two ways to deny.

The first is through fear or negative reaction. This can cause a denial that actually creates energy damage/blocks. We will ourselves so badly not to have the gift, that we force it to stop and the energy surrounding that sense slows down or stops altogether. This is the absolute hardest to gain back, and needs healing.

The second way is through neglect. When we stop using it, we stop our awareness of it. (As I explained above). You will need to start from the beginning, and get back into the basics, to get your mind to register and accept them again. Go someplace with strong energy. Somewhere you know there is a lot of spiritual activity. If your energy hasn't actually slowed down from denial, this should act like an ice cold splash of water, waking up what began to "sleep".

Embrace your gifts, accept them and love them. They are to be cared for. Never ever turn your back on them again unless you really want them gone.

Blessings Mikoto. Good luck.
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Post # 4
I concur with WhiteRaven, you need to reconnect. As for healing your powers, try sensing the energy of crystals, small things. Embrace it in everyday things, and try to use it as often as possible.
Remember though that it is there. You may have blocked it, but it didn't vanish, or go away. Reconnect.

Best of luck
Love and Light
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By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I have had a similar problem, I buried my gift as a child because it scared me. As an adult I have been trying to reconnect. It seems sporadic, I will have visions like on the tv show raven. Or a strong feeling... spell casting not going so well...
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