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Magick :)
Post # 1

Hello guys, I'm in a creative / ranty mood today so ... enjoy :)

Magick, according to Crowley is the Science and Art of causing a change at will. But what is Magick for you... personally? For me, Magick is a path...a Sacred Endless Path. Magick is neither black nor white . It just is . When you have something so beautiful in your hands, don't break it into pieces... Just let it be as it is. Respect it wholeheartedly.

Honour It.

Love it.

Be One with it.

Learn about it

Learn about cultures which have practiced this Holy Art, the Art of Wise. Magick has been a Teacher to me... With /thanks to Magick, I learned how to love myself, how to...

love people

how to love and appreciate everything and everyone around Me.

How to see the Divine into people, and things.

How to respect everything and how to get in touch with Nature, how to work with Nature, how to work with the Divine.

How do I perceive the Divine.

For me the Divine is One Ultimate Power, with many many aspects... each and everyone of us is a part of this Whole. Thus we must respect each other, for we are One . We're all nothing but a Web. One action, one simple action... can change literally everything. Think of it this way, we're connected with Mother Nature, we're connected with all the animals, with all life. We're all a chain. If something breaks in this chain... the whole chain will break eventually. In Magick, we learn how to connect with the Divine Energies, how to work with them, how to respect them. Open your eyes, and you'll see the miracle of life, open your eyes and you shall see it everywhere around you. Isn't this... magic?

The majority of people believe that Magick is all about hocus pocus, spells, chants, incantations... under a Full Moon. No... For me, that only scratches the very surface of Magick. Magick is about spiritual growth, spiritual development, respecting yourself, loving yourself, becoming one with the Divine, acknowledging Mother Nature, and the Divine, trusting yourselves...

That's what Magick is for me. Becoming a better person, reaching the full of your potential,working for a costant progress.

You're always learning, you're always progressing... You'll never ever know everything. You can't know everything. But is this what you're truly looking for? Knowing everything? The Universe is so vast, full of secrets. Infinite secrets all around you. Can you see them?Can you reach them? What would be the point if you truly knew absolutely everything? That would be pointless. There's nothing " Magic(k)al" about knowing everything.

Thus think twice before saying, yes, I know everything. If you knew everything you'd be constantly stagnant :) Who likes to remain stagnant? Nobody !

  • What if I mess up while doing magick? - someone might ask.
  • I'd answer with a question :) What happens when you mess up with something in your life?

    You might get disappointed, but you'll stand up, accepting your mistake, and you'll find a way to fix it. And this... this is a lesson. We've come in this life, to become better , to learn from our mistakes, and grow spiritually. When you accept your own mistakes, that's -wise- ( for me). When you put your "Ego" aside, that's wise... for me. So the same goes for magick. We all make mistakes. Show me someone who has never ever made a mistake in their life... We're meant to make mistakes.

    We're meant to make mistakes so that we accept our mistakes and get improved. We're meant to take these lessons. Will you do nothing about it? Or you'll stand up and fight? That's your call..

    Same goes for Magick. We all make mistakes. Some of them are pretty silly-I admit it- but eventually we learn. We acknowledge our mistakes and we discover a way to fix them eventually. Nonetheless, some mistakes might cost... so think twice before doing something, and always have a reason before you do something. You're not going to summon or call upon a spirit because you have nothing better to do . We should respect everything, the Alive , and the Dead, the Seen, and the Unseen. Just like life... magick is full of lessons as well. All of them beneficial for you.

  • Beginners, and people who practise Magick for lots of years.
  • We're all teachers. You can't imagine what kind of things you can learn from a beginner! That's literally beyond imagination. Change your point of view for a moment, and see Magick, through the eyes of a Beginner. You can't imagine how much wisdom you can earn this way. Teach them. But also let them teach you. Let them talk to you.

    Let them share their experiences with you, let them guide you. We're all teachers. Each and everyone of us! Don't close your eyes. Don't let your Ego get to you. Put your Ego aside and let yourself be taught, be guided by a beginner. Ask them how they perceive magick. Ask them what is Magick for them. You'll always get wise responses on that one. I have! So what a relationship between a Student and a Teacher should be like? :) Keep yourself open to new experiences. The word student originates from the latin verb studio-study. Thus, a student studies( duh) , but don't you too? :) We're always studying, we're always learning regardless if you've been practising magick for 1 year, or 2 years or 30 years.

    Trust your students, and treat them with respect. Listen to them

    Learn from them, ask them how they see/perceive things in magick. Ask them what is the Divine for them, how do they perceive the Deities, how do they perceive Mother Nature? The answers you'll might might surprise you. But oh well, isn't Magick full of surprises.

    Be always open-minded. In my opinion, if you're closed -minded you're not going to go far in Magick.

    Approach everything and everyone with respect, and make the difference!

    Thank you for reading my rant :) hope you "enjoyed it".

    Nothing of what I said is a *fact*. That was just my perspective:)


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    Re: Magick :)
    Post # 2
    This was beautiful, and I did rather enjoy it ;D
    Love and light
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    Re: Magick :)
    Post # 3

    Thank you mj:)

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    Re: Magick :)
    Post # 4
    Fabulous t.y Angie)
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    Re: Magick :)
    Post # 5
    Great work Angie, I really enjoyed it! I particularly liked your point that we are all teachers, no matter where we stand! If someone can't learn from another, it is their loss! :D xx
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    Re: Magick :)
    Post # 6

    Exactly Zebrah. To be honest that was the whole point of this post. Glad you enjoyed it :)

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    Re: Magick :)
    By: / Novice
    Post # 7
    For a rant it has a very interesting perspective, i really enjoyed reading it
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    Re: Magick :)
    By: / Knowledgeable
    Post # 8

    Brilliant and honest !It also shows great understanding of the universe and its ways .We just need to be not only to do .

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    Re: Magick :)
    Post # 9

    Indeed Art, Thank you all for your positive feedback:)

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    Re: Magick :)
    Post # 10
    Hi Angie,Im a first timer, I love the way you express your thoughts and emotions, being definite in your own mind about whats right and wrong,good and bad or the way that you perceive anything in general to be,now thats sweet magik to me.We all have the right to voice our own divine opinion.
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