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Memebers needed
Post # 1
Divine Essence is going through some big changes right now. We are experiencing a time of great inactivity but are seeking to change that. We do not wish to win a popularity contest because at Divine Essence we know that quality is far greater then quantity. Here at Divine Essence we are about spiritual and personal growth, practicing and studying many different pagan traditions and helping one another in these. Of course we also like to have fun.

We are looking for active members and a few council men. If you are seeking out a council men position you will need to prove yourself in the coven. We need to see that you have the knowledge and strength to have that position.

Here are some of the things that we offer in Divine Essence:

The Basics
Divination ( Runes, Scrying, Tarot, etc )
General Magick
Pagan Practices
Spell Casting ( How to write spells, How to cast a spell properly, etc)
Spells/ Rituals
Magickal Tools
Connecting to different Spiritual Beings
Astral Projection
And more

Divine Essence will be offering classes in the near future but it is still under discussion at the moment.

If this coven seems like a good one for you please visit our cover page and read the rules and how to apply.

Blessed Be
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Re: Memebers needed
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
What's scrying
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Re: Memebers needed
Post # 3
Scrying is a method of divination that usually uses a reflective object such as a bowl of water , black mirror, crystal ball. A object does not necessary have to be reflective one can scy using a fire or with smoke. Scrying is done to gain visions, to see the past, present, or future, get answers to a question or to contact a spirit. A person will use one of these objects and gaze into them to see what images may appear that may hold the answer to what they are seeking. When a person is scrying you don?t want to have anything reflecting in the object and back to you such as yourself or a candle light etc.

When a person scrys you can see images in the actually object but what happens most of the time is the object acts as a focus point. This focus point allows images to come to your clam centered mind, so your not actually seeing images in the object but in your mind that is creating them.

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Re: Memebers needed
Post # 4

Shouldn't someone be moving this to Covens? >.> Since this is an onsite coven advertisement post rather than a normal advertisement post.

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