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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Angels.

Post # 1
Lately i have been studying angels and demons, and come across a few chaps that say they are angels or demons respectively. I sound like a noob for this but i am highly curious. Are these people fluffs or is there a way to become one.(NOTE: This is not me asking how to become one]
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Re: Angels.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Generally, they are full of crap. But there is a persistent belief within the magical community in the concept of "otherkin." This is the belief that one's spirit is akin to that of various spiritual entities and mythological entities.

Personally, I feel that it is easy to see traits within one's self and then start comparing those traits to various entities of spiritual lore and myth. This, I feel, is a hindrance. It becomes self fulfilling, leaving you seeking to become more like that which you perceive to be desirable than perhaps just allowing yourself to wander and discover and grow on your own. But then we all move towards what we perceive as desirable, so... It could go either way.

I'm not sure any of that made much sense.
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Re: Angels.
Post # 3
It made a bit of sense but im a little lost. Thanks for the help though Awake
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Re: Angels.
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Angels and demons are spirits. Not actual physical beings. They are role-playing!
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Re: Angels.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Awake, you made perfect sense.

I will clarify. To believe that you are "otherkin" aka have the soul of something more than human, you must believe in reincarnation. The belief is centered around the souls of angels, demons, and other beings incarnating (entering a physical life/body).

I also agree with Awake that people look too much for ways to feel "special" or "different" and gravitate toward trying to compare themselves with the traits of certain beings. This is backwards. You should be looking within to discover who you are.

those who learn to tap into their higher self, remember past lives, and basically have opened themselves up enough to be reacquainted with their soul's existence...they may discover that they are not exactly the same as what we consider human.

But many jump quickly to a stereotype like "vampire", "angel", "demon" etc, when in reality souls aren't "human"! Human is a name we created for our species on Earth, it is only our bodies. So this really is quite humorous when people say "my soul isn't human" with a serious stare. Of course not! But it doesn't mean you're "special" or a "freak".

Proof positive of whether or not someone is being honest or is looking for attention, ask yourself "Does what they say sound similar to a stereotype". The spiritual world doesn't have the same black and white views as we do. Take a look at nature itself. There is no holy and evil. But there most certainly is creation, preservation, and destruction. There is most certainly life and death. The physical natural world around us reflects the true character of the spiritual world. Mankind on earth has overcomplicated the world through their elaborate imaginations and their attempts to control one another.
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Re: Angels.
Post # 6
Angels are celestial being God made to do 2 things. Guide and guard humans. But they are considered spirits. Some one with a physical body cannot turn themselves into spirits.

Demons are the same way, but have a different creator and duty. Made by Satan to deceive and temped. Not to mention express true evil in the most beautiful image.

Spirits can take a physical form, but humans cannot become spirits nor spirits can become human. This is the truth I believe and know. Sorry if you don't agree.
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Re: Angels.
Post # 7
everyone has a human soul but not everyone has a higher self. if you do have a higher self, it means you have the potential to be a god on etheric. if you don't have a higher self (or have no knowledge of the hs), you have the potential to be a god on astral. dont let the ego overwhelm you though, having a higher self just means that you have the potential for more creational understandings.
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Re: Angels.
Post # 8
i agree with water wolf,and also i might add that demons and angels can enter your body and make you do things.many people have spoken of being possessed i to have had this happen and they take over you 100% giving you only there thoughts.unless you know how to get rid of them you have no should clear your body every day in case there can be a demon in there.i can always remove them.
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