Psionics & energy properties

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Psionics & energy properties
By: / Beginner
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Psionics is the ability to manipulate and use psi/energy according to ones will, psionics is one of the easiest and yet one of the most important ability in magick as it helps a person gather energy to use a spell. Psionics mostly uses energy from ones own body but can also get energy from other, outside sources.

Psionics is one of the most common ability shown in most science-fiction movies and cartoons so its concept is mixed with those a lot, just to be clear, psionics is not like in star wars or naruto or dragon ball z, a person cant use it to fly or kill someone.

The first step to using psionics is to sense it, to do this, relax your entire body, close your eyes and visualize yourself full of energy, then visualize energy outside your body, for starters always go for living things instead of objects since their energy flow is more active, trees are one of the best source. Concentrate on the energy and soon you will be able to sense it, pulsing inside youself and the tree like a second heart.

After this, you can start manipulating the energy, do this by sensing the energy in you then visualizing it moving out of your fingers till you feel a slight pull on them, once you feel this, bring the other hand close with the palms facing each other and just pass the energy from one hand to another till you get the feel for it, after that, use the energy you released through your fingers to make a psi ball, just visualize the energy compressing and rotating to form a ball, you can make the ball more solid by adding more energy to it and compressing it more till the ball is as solid you want it to be.

Even after doing that, you will notice that the energy disperses when you take away your hand, this is because the energy has nothing holding them together and the energy returns to its natural free form, to prevent this you have to create a layer of energy over the ball to hold them together. After forming the ball, visualize a thin layer of energy forming around the ball and compressing it and holding it together when the energy tries to escape, you have focus really hard for this to work but once you get it right, the ball will be solid and compressed.

Now you can program the ball to do something, to do this, visualize the ball spinning in your hand and then visualize the activity you want the ball to do, then visualize the ball doing that activity, for example, you can program the ball to alert you when someone enters the room, after you have formed the ball and put a layer on it, visualize someone entering the room and as soon as they enter, the ball attaching itself to your left leg and making it numb, once you do that, you have succesfully create you first programmed psi ball.

That is the basics of psionics, once you have mastered it, you can give the ball specific properties by using different sources of energy to make the ball, it all depends on where you gather the energy from, for the basic elemental energies, sun is for heat or cleansing, moon or water for cold or healing, earth for firmness or stability, air for quickness and visibility, trees or plants for growth, people or animals for normal energy.

I hope this helped.
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