after a master

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after a master
Post # 1
i am after a master to teach the secrets they keep,to make me into a more understanding force,please pm me.
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Re: after a master
Post # 2
I have studied the various Magickal discplines for 10 years off and on (Ceremonial Magick, some Enochian Magick, Runes, celtic knot symbolism, Wiccan rituals and, much more magickal stuff). I consider myself gnostic; to seek, to learn, to practice whenever I can, as best I can, due to modern society's demands. I also consider myself an eclectic apprentice self taught Wizard still in training with no mentor to speak of nor have been in any covens nor magickal groups. Except just lately, I joined "The Legion Of Light And Dark." I'll see what happens. I've just begun to analyze their group.
Anyway, specifically, I have focused on the USE of the Magickal Wand. Check out my thread on "How To Use Your Wand" this is the only area of mentorship I can humbly offer you if you wish, as a fellow student of the Magickal Arts. You will not find any other clear cut step by step information like mine(specifically on HOW TO *USE* YOUR WAND) anywhere on this website nor for that matter, anywhere on the internet. I know, I tried many years, months and, hours of surfing the net. If someone disagrees with this statement, they are simply lying to you. Or, want to seem intelligent by cynically criticizing me, turning off my bright light so their low light can be noticed. Jealousy can rear its ugly head. I challenge them to produce any reference to a specific clear cut step by step information about "How to *USE* your Wand."
You may consider me as an upper classman(still just a student) and, I will always consider myself a student of the Magickal Arts, casually informing you of some of my many years of analytical, experienced insight and voluminous notes.
Also, I will only work with that thread. I will not work one on one. You might ask some complicated question that I have no knowledge about. And, I will only answer what I KNOW. Unlike some liars, that will say anything to look good or seem intelligent.
Please read my entire thread to get the whole picture as my responses became clearer as required.
Blessed Be, a paradise for you on this good earth.
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Re: after a master
Post # 3
U luv being praised and credited@lonestar
i do respect u,but u are'nt showing any respect to others.plz mend ur languages,try to be calm,not rude.u brag too much.we are here to learn(TEACH DON'T BITE).
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