Rain/ thunderstorms

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Rain/ thunderstorms
Post # 1
So I've been into magic for a few months now and I deemed myself ready to begin actually casting a little while ago, I've probably performed around 5 real magical acts at this point. I've noticed an odd trend, that whenever I perform one of these magical acts it seems to coincide with rain and/or thunder in my area. Most striking was yesterday, when I performed the most powerful magical act I've ever done (an Enochian rite I found in a chaos magic book, very powerful) and that day there was a very powerful, booming thunderstorm that lasted into the next day. Other than that were a few instances when it seemed to start raining directly after I finished a meditation. One particular day where I spent a whole day doing meditations to empower my aura, it happened to be a full moon and there was a powerful thunderstorm going on throughout the day, that same day some really spooky coincidences occurred actually. Then one time I did a healing on my friend's knee and it happened to be raining outside.

I've never consciously tried to make any of my magic coincide with rain or anything, It's just now looking back that I notice a correlation.

My question is, could this mean anything? Good or bad or neither?
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Re: Rain/ thunderstorms
Post # 2
Oh yea and my strongest elements are fire and earth, so I don't think it has to do with my elements.
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Re: Rain/ thunderstorms
Post # 3
This is interesting to me. I tend to 'pick up' electro-magnetism. I actually did some research that showed I physically respond to minor solar flares. The change in electrical activity makes me feel irritable and restless. Itchy. My point, is that when I feel like this, I might feel more inclned to perform ritual or spellcraft.

So, although it might appear that I am causing a change in conditions, it is actually the conditions that are causing a change in me. Try keeping records of how you feel to see how much it coincides with what goes on in your environment. You may very well find that you can predict storms, or even flares (no I am not a fluff XD), or changes in pressure.

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Re: Rain/ thunderstorms
Post # 4

Like when my grandparents and mother's arthritis is acting up, they say a storm is coming?

Most of the time they are right. o.o

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Re: Rain/ thunderstorms
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Aches and pains are caused by a change in barometric pressures. A little different then thunderstorms. High humidity or just plain rain can cause a fluctuation in them.

But I believe what Zebrah is speaking about is the actual electric charge in the air before a storm. Its what most animals sense and they hide or get very quiet. The clouds before a thunderstorm hold an electrical charge, which is how meterologists know the clouds can produce lightening. The stronger the charge, the more dangerous the lightening could be. Since lightening strikes up and not down, you can feel the electrical charge on the ground pretty well.

If you've ever been outside during a lightening/thunderstorm, you probably felt goosebumps or the hairs on your arms raise. Before a storm starts, if you're sensitive to it, you can feel the charge in the air without such physical effects. It's very energizing. My aunt on my father's side was a witch, and she used to put her hands, palm outward on her windows during a lightening storm. She was always excited to see one. A little dangerous, I know, but she would actually take in the energy of the lightening, just like we pull up energy from the earth. Afterwards she would touch me and her hands would feel super hot! I always personally felt that the energy of storms made me feel too nervous and jittery, like a bad caffeine rush. So I don't practice that myself. But to each their own.
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