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Hi :)
Post # 1
hello i'm jesie i am new to spells of but going over everything it seems pretty helpful :). I'm wiccan my aunt introduced me to it at a very young age and i stuck with it i very much love the god and goddess.
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Re: Hi :)
Post # 2
Welcome^^ If you need help, just ask. A lot of the people here seem really eager to help. I myself am new, too, so I probably won't be of much help, especially since I just started a year and a half ago or so, so you've been at it longer xD
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Re: Hi :)
Post # 3
hi I'm meggan, I've been a wiccan since I was at the beginning of my teens, now I'm in my early 20s. I love all my gods n goddesses. I have a baby owl that literally physically came straight to me when I asked for protection and help,so I know for a fact that they are indeed listening to all their children in need of assistence. my owls name is Sprite, she's very sweet and very intuned with me which at first was scary but now I understand it, she walked a lil more than a mile n crossed a road at about a month old for me when she could have been killed by a car or something..point is she is also with me to show me patience n dedication as well as strength n love.anyways, I'm a very caring person and I've always loved and adored animals. I'm very thankful n grateful for this great gift that that I received that not only I protect now but also wants to protect me in god I'm but the only thing I'm really new at is casting spells that I make up n taking a risk of making up my own spells.ask me anything if u want..I don't really mind ;) p.s. moral: ask n u shall receive...*usually when u desparately need it or the gods n goddesses feel u should have it.* ^_^
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Lottery Wins
Post # 4
How can i predicts lotto winning numbers.Can someone teach me how to go about it. Thanks
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