Charging a ring.

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Charging a ring.
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I want to charge a ring. It has a diamond on it. I have no where to begin but I think it starts with energy.

If anyone has an answer thanks!
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Re: Charging a ring.
Post # 2

Honestly..everything starts with energy. So you're right. Find some way to put energy into the ring. Im not going to tell you how because there is honestly an infinite amount of ways to do it.

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Re: Charging a ring.
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
i would first decide what kind of energy i want to put in it. do you want protecton? luck? love? i would imagine a swirl of energy in your abdomen and it changing color that corresponds to the type of effect you want. like, if you wanted love, imagine a red light. then, bring the energy up to your arms, to your fingers and into the ring. keep pushing and pushing until you feel like the ring is full and cant take anymore energy. and you can whisper to it and tell it what you want it ot do.
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Re: Charging a ring.
Post # 4

First, please cleanse and/or purify it! It really makes the charging process go more smoothly and have a better effect.

And before you start your chosen charging process, make sure all disturbances are blocked out. Unplug your telephone, close the windows/doors, etc. To maintain serenity in your charging proccess really helps, so I find. Light incense, candles, whatever you wish!

A lot of charging is just transmitting energy. So, just do so!

Oh, and keeping your ring in a sea-salt filled bowl when you arent wearing it really helps it, as salt draws in good energy and wards of negative energy.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Charging a ring.
Post # 5
I've always wondered, slightly off the point, how does the salt know the difference between positive and negative energy? I mean, what might be positive for one person, might be negative for another. ^^
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