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Post # 1
Is there a spell to fall for someone? You know, cast it upon yourself to be attracted to someone.

I want to have more intense emotions for this girl I have a crush for at school, but I don't feel much for her, just "Oh, she's amazingly beautiful". I want to feel that infatutaion emotion I haven't felt in such a long time. Maybe that would raise my spirit to the level I want to, so I can improve my magic energy in general.
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Re: >8[
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You are going through adolescence. It's normal to have fluctuating emotions. I personally never felt that "need" for love that many of my peers did in my teenage years, but I do know that is quite common to really want that.

I think that its very unique that you want to place a love spell on yourself. Most would want to put it on another individual. But either way, it is best to let nature take its course. If you make yourself feel love, its fake but feels very real. So real that you may even forget it is fake! With young love there is almost always heartbreak. Especially if it isn't natural, the odds of heartbreak are against you. As much as you may want to feel warm and fuzzy about this girl, I'm pretty sure you're not thinking about the pain that comes with love. It isn't all hearts and flowers. Its hard work and hard on the emotions and mind. If anything, it will do the opposite of raising your spiritual level.

An alternative I would suggest is letting love into your heart. This would cause you to be more caring and open to the possibilities of love and friendship. Wear a rose quartz to attract the right people to you, ones who actually care. Its very important to have a solid support system (friends who you can count on) and to see through "fake" demonstrations of love/concern. And don't forget to let love into your heart for yourself! This is not to be confused with vanity, but liking who you are as a person. In order to truly be loved we must have love for ourselves. This promotes the healthiest relationships.
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Re: >8[
Post # 3
You could work on the heart chakra. Increased feelings of love is the main use of it.
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