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Post # 1
When You do a ritual, and place candles on your altar, does several candles give a greater power to the spell?
I know that if you work in a coven, the energy becomes stronger.
And if you work as a solitary magician/witch the energy becomes weaker. I know that people will argue about that, but I know by experience.
Is it the same thing with candles?

Usually I use black candles, to attract and work with dark energies. I read somewhere that black candles drives away negative energies. Is that true? And by negative energies I mean jealousy, sickness, addiction,depression, hatred etc.
It seems inconsistent to me.

And thank you for any advice!
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Re: Energy
Post # 2
the color black is said to protect an individual try both white and black for they can both protect and destroy
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Re: Energy
By: / Novice
Post # 3
There are colors that have specific meanings...but the most important thing is what they represent to you. In some Asian cultures, white symbolizes death, so if you are from that culture, you wouldn't necessarily use white as protection, purity, ect. It's about what the colors mean to you since it's your intent.

Same with the number of candles. Does adding one more candle mean there is more energy? Not really. Does thinking one more candle adds more energy mean there will be more energy? Yep. Again, it's how you see it and what makes you comfortable.
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Re: Energy
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Covens have more energy because they have more life, each individuals energy mixes with the same desire/focus. Its like the difference between one person lifting a heavy rock and 5-10 lifting that same heavy rock. This is also why witches use familiars and call upon spirits and deities to aid them.

Candles do not have energy unless you give them energy. Once lit, the fire is the energy. Fire has energy, therefore if you are using the power of fire, more candles would give you more fuel of source to use. But it is mostly just representation and a tool for focus.

Doing magick in a field, forest, or cemetary can give you more power because you are channelling the energy that comes from those places. The more energy surrounding you, the more that you can channel. This is why location can be very important for a witch. And some places that are frequently used for magick or where the veil is thin are primary picks for witches.

But candles are dead objects. They never carried life. Even the wax, if you were to buy pure beeswax candles are a product of a living being (bees) and not sxomething with a spirit or "life" energy itself.

What can give you more energy if you are stuck indoors are things with "spirit" or "life" such as fresh herbs, plants, gemstones/crystals, etc. These things grew and were taken from a source of life (our earth). Elements are also equally energy filled, so fire and water. But they will only aid you if they match the nature of your spellwork.

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Re: Energy
Post # 5
ok thank you!
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