Confusion spell

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Confusion spell

Confusion spell
Post # 1

Anyone here who know of a good confusion spell to post here?

Binding spells can be good but, I feel that at times, sowing confusion is best.

I hope you guys can post one or two here :-)

Thanks for taking the time to read this :-)
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Re: Confusion spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Do you mean to put someone under confusion? If so, isn't that considered black magic? Just sayin. Theres ways to induce a psychic attack which is kinda similar.
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Re: Confusion spell
Post # 3
I agree with user(bunch of numbers) but since magick has no color it would be considered negative magick and would go against the rule of three.
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Re: Confusion spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
lol (bunch or numbers) yes it would be a type of negative magick.
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Re: Confusion spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
What are your reasons to confuse? If we don't understand the context the spell is used for we can't be of much help.

I would not pay attention to people who cry "black magick!" This site promotes both white and black. I personally am grey.

Magick isn't white or black. It is colorless. It is the style of the caster that colors it. Although many claim it is based off of intentions, I disagree. Black magick can be used for good reason. It is a style--one that disregards possible harmful effects. Why do many people carry knives, mace, pepper spray or have fire arms in their home? Why do we learn martial arts? I personally carry a pocket knife where ever I go, as well as pepper spray. I know how to take care of myself if need be in a confrontation. In the magickal sense, this would be "black magick!" But if I'm in harms way, hell yes I'm going to use it as I was trained to!

Intentions are very important in determining the line between black magick and just plainly performing an evil act. I've known many black magick practicioners who were very nice people! Intentions are found in the caster's mind and heart. In no way can I decide for you if a spell is right or wrong morally. That would be for you to decide. If you feel it is morally wrong and do it anyway, well then, be prepared for reprecussions.

Another thing to consider. All magick is subject to cause and effect. Experienced people can predetermine the possible effects and probabilities, and decide whether it is a good or bad idea!

With that in mind, please clarify your desires to confuse an individual.
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Re: Confusion spell
Post # 6
i would more suggest a psychic attack then a spell. a spell might come back and bite you on the rear. also the rule of 3 does not apply to everybody. we each have our sense of justice. so take that "we" and turn it only on yourselves. i tire of seeing that rule of 3 being applied to non wiccans.
back to point,

i usual just think the word confusion and thats usually works.
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