Summon angel spell

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Summon angel spell
Post # 1
Hi im new to this kinda thing but one spell gave me a few questions: the summon your angel spell. When it mentions a voice for an ingrediant what does it mean by? Also are you making a psi ball when you use half your magik or something else? Finally, is it similiar to taking care of a kid or something also completely different. Than you for your help and comments if I forget.
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Re: Summon angel spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I would do the spells on this site most of them are fake. I'd recommend you to make up your own spell. The most basic way to contact a angel is through meditation. Try that first. Since your new, practice your basics before you do any spell. So I guess meditation is your easier choice
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Re: Summon angel spell
Post # 3
Thanks for the advice.
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Re: Summon angel spell
Post # 4
Angels are just as much myth as reality. They exist on the astral level. We, in my experience, are not assigned these beings therefore you cannot summon "your" angel. Many of the famous angels throughout history such as Michael, Samiel(sp), Gabriel, Azazel, ect.. can be summoned but i do not recommend it. The astral versions of these myths believe in what they are and will promote what they think to be fact, such as belief in the judeo-christian god.

I also recommend not doing the spells on here. Not because they are fake, although i do believe some were made by roleplayers, but because designing your own ritual tends to have better results than one made up by another. Read books and study. Then when you think your ready come up with your own habbits and practices.

When you make a psi ball you are using natural energy found in your body. I consider the ability to control this energy magick however the energy itself is just And is not similar to taking care of a kid, it simply dissipates unless you give it a task. Once you do that you need to program it to dissipate once the task has been completed. Never under any cercumstance should you ever create anything to think for itself.
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Re: Summon angel spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Spot on Nite.

Using your own energy is fine, but I naturally pull from the element I am focusing on. So just as you can make a "psi" ball, you can channel water energy and make a water energy ball. The possibilities are endless and I recommend you learn to channel energy because the practice is used in nearly everything in magick. We can make ourselves feel tired and bleh if we only use personal energy and don't become a catalyst for other energies. The most common energy taken is from the earth. When we ground, we connect, and the energy of the earth and ours flows as one. When you're well grounded, its like being plugged into an electricity socket containing the best energy around. As if your feet are straws, pull the energy up into your body, let it fill you, then push it out through your hands. If you do this right, you WILL feel it. It isn't about visualization, its controling energy with your will and focus.
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