Shadow magic

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Shadow magic
Post # 1
I've been hearing about this lately, and I'd like to understand what it is, is it a magic category of a sort, or is it kind of element based? Like fire magic,water magic ect. (pyrokenisis or Hydrokenisis if you really want to get into it) but even so it sparks my interest, so any feedback will be much appreciated!!
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Re: Shadow magic
Post # 2
Shadow magic does not sound realistic to me.
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Re: Shadow magic
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Although I know that the neo pagan literature (that I avoid) may have a different and much more fantastical definition. Any magick that involves shadow is the dark side of the element fire. Some also attach it to the dark side of the element earth. Shadows themselves were believed to be apart of us, just like hair and fingernails, but untouchable. This was facinating for magickal practicioners, so the characteristics of shadow are used in magick harnessing the power of the night and covert purposes as well.
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Re: Shadow magic
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
To be honest, like the others "shadow magic" strikes me very much as a relatively modern concept that has little to do with traditional magic. For that matter, pyrokenisis or hydrokenisis are similarly modern and somewhat debatable.

What I've been able to derive from what others have discussed about shadow magic is that it involves the manipulations of shadows, to some extent, and in this regard it is an aspect that involves influencing the mind of another to give the impression that shadows are moving, light has been darkened, etc. In this way the impression of darkness is projected upon another, or otherwise created more in illusion than truth. After all, shadow is actually the absence of lightwaves, so to cause them to move or alter is essentially to cause that individual to be unable to perceive rays of light.

How successful one can be in this is again subject to a great deal of debate, and often can be confused quite readily with naturally occurring environmental factors that could be logically explained.
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