Mermaids: Fact or Fiction

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Forums -> General Info -> Mermaids: Fact or Fiction

Mermaids: Fact or Fiction
Post # 1

Based on the title you may or may not decide to read this post. From so far of what I have seen of this site you probably will.

I realized many people on this site either don't take magick seriously, or they are making wishful dreams and not realizing that magick cannot do everything.

So here is my take on this subject:

Mermaids: Fact or Fiction?

What is a mermaid?

Mermaids are creatures which contain an upper human half and a lower fish half. They are different from mermen as both of them are of different genders (at least the upper halves are).

These creatures are well known throughout legends both new and old. They were referenced in the sirens that Odysseus faced in the Odyssey. In more recent times sailors who were made mad from lack of food and water (and women) looked at manatees and thought them to be beautiful mermaids and then you have movies like The Little Mermaid by Disney.

The idea of what a mermaid looks like has changed over the years as the tastes and styles have changed. At one point in the past mermaids were quite fat, whereas now they are quite thin. But either way the fish tail and human torso remains the same.

Mermaids have been both kind and caring, and vicious and ferocious. It just depends on what myth, legend, or story you are looking at.


A mermaid is a untamed entity that is close to his/her intuition and feelings and as such has different perceptions of the world then the rest. A mermaid opens their heart and lives with their feelings in tune with themselves. They represent wild freedom, rebellious spirits, and ferocious independence.

Mermaids are free creatures, ones that are untamable, and in the attempt to tame them you may end up hurting yourself. They are freedom loving and true to themselves and their emotions always. They follow their hearts and do right by them, and in doing so they gain more freedom than many people.


Mermaids exist on the astral plane. They are creatures which have either come from the minds and imaginations of Millennium of humans that have grown and evolved along the way, or they are creatures which exist outside of ourselves (depending on your belief).

Either way, yes, they do exist in some form or another. And yes, you can become one on the astral plane. You can become anything you can possibly think of on the astral plane if you try to. Yes, some forms will be more comfortable to you, and yes, some forms will be easier mobility for you, but you still can go as far as the imagination allows (and possibly passed that).


Mermaids do not exist physically (unless you mean manatees). I don't care who you are, what spell you do, what potions you drink, etc etc etc, you won't become a mermaid physically.

It is simply impossible.

Yes, you can go to the store and buy a tail and run around pretending to be a mermaid, but you will never truly become one physically. It is simply impossible to change your physical form to that extent (at least currently it is). And even if you could change your form to that extent it would be extremely complex and extremely painful as you are changing the structure of your very being.

I hope that this has cleared a few things up. ^_^

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Re: Mermaids: Fact or Fiction
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
beyond the pain, anyone with the amount of willpower and stamina to perform such a transformation would either not bother on such trivial matters or they would already be something of such a nature.
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Re: Mermaids: Fact or Fiction
Post # 3
One time I saw a documentary about a little girl who actually had a "mermaid" tail. It was a malformation and she was handicapped. She died very young.
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Re: Mermaids: Fact or Fiction
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
It is not unknown, but rare. It is when the baby is born with both legs "fused" together.
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Re: Mermaids: Fact or Fiction
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Nicely done. There is always a possiblity that some form of deformation began the myth as well. I feel that there is always some truth to every myth, regardless of how large or small.

Deformations like that are very sad. Many times there is severe problems with veins and arteries that cause premature death. They make me feel fortunate that my daughter was born perfectly healthy.
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Re: Mermaids: Fact or Fiction
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
There is also the myth of the Manatee. To old seadogs,they seemed to look like rather ugly "mermaids"; and as they are mainly fresh water creatures,only seen rarely.
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Re: Mermaids: Fact or Fiction
Post # 7

It is also possible that these sailors hallucinated from the lack of water, or caught a disease.

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Re: Mermaids: Fact or Fiction
Post # 8

Thank you, whoever decided to make this a stickied thread. In all honesty, what you did not only surprised me, but has helped to get my point across to people more than it could've before.

Unfortunately, not that many people on here understand that they can't become things that do not exist on this plane. It's a sad thing that the media of today has caused; that and probably parents not helping their kids learn what is real and what is not.

In this world today, we can only try to help others as best as we can, and hope through our efforts that it is all worth it.

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Re: Mermaids: Fact or Fiction
Post # 9
Thank you so much for this thread of yours, me myself is also having a difficulty sending my point across these young newbies who've been brainwashed by the media, it's a kind of pain in the neck sometimes, but I try my best to be patient at all times.

Well, I just hope this will help clear things up, and I hope that newbies who will register will read the topics in this section in the forums...

It would be best to include some sentences or advice regarding the topics in these section after one has registered in this site.

(Dunno if that feature is already implemented here though).
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Re: Mermaids: Fact or Fiction
Post # 10
First of all I just want to say that I completely agree with you in that you cannot change your physical body to become a mermaid. Can't imagine why you'd want to anyway.
However, its not neccesarily true that mermaids don't exist. The Earths oceans are the most unexplored place we know of with the exception of space beyond our solar system, we actually know more about our moon than we do our own oceans. Is it not therefore at the very least possible that these creatures did actually exist, and perhaps even still exist in the remote unexplored areas of earths oceans?
There is also the fact that litterally every culture on earth that has established itself near the coast has stories of mermaids or mermaid like creatures, from the japanes to the Greeks to the Irish to the Inca. Coincidence? Perhaps, but a pretty f-ing large coincidence at that.
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