Life, Death, Being.

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Life, Death, Being.

Life, Death, Being.
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Well this kinda question that you dont get answer, but it has been on my mind so long. Why am i me? Why am i a boy. How i born right here with this identity, this mind. Why i am not a boy, born in USA? What if earth was never existed. Where would i be then. Would i be another person millions and millions light years far from milkyway? How i ended up with this mind and this body?
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Re: Life, Death, Being.
Post # 2
You are in your body because you were reincarnated. No one chooses there next body, it happen's randomly. Many people try to consider that you are human for a reason, but that is false. You may do great things, but it does not matter what race you are. How you end up with your mind is your choice, you decide that. You can choose to be wise and intelligent or sinister and evil, ect. If earth did not exist, you would be reincarnated as some other form of life. It's as simple as that...
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Re: Life, Death, Being.
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
You are who you are because the atoms of the universe were perfectly aligned upon your conception to make you develop the exact way you did. After your birth, the experiences of life made you hard-wire your mind the way you did, which affected the way you percieved life after. This allowed further changes in your method of thinking bringing your mind to the way it is now. your body being the way it is is the result of your hormones as well as any physical injuries you sustained during your life.

in my opinion, the big bang was "god" performing a kamikazee in order to produce the matter and energy of the universe. this eventually led to the matter being aligned the right way to make you.
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Re: Life, Death, Being.
Post # 4
I disagree with Ovate. Not all of us believe in that form of reincarnation, and in reality, not all of us believe in reincarnation. I personally think its a choice, not a requirement. And furthermore, i would like to point out that in some native american traditions reincarnation is not random. One such myth is this: When you die, your body goes to the Low realm(nothing like the christian hell) where you face the wrong you have done until you truly realize that you were in fact wrong. Then you go to a place called summerland, where you plan out your next life, the goals you need to meet to help your soul advance. From there you are reincarnated. Once you have achieved perfection you and no longer need to be reincarnated your soul is allowed to ascend past summerland.

To answer the orignial question though....It is important to not worry about the why. The why is what get people caught up in myths and legends. This is the way things are now, there doesnt need to be a why. Enjoy what you can and when its over...who knows and who cares. Religion has spoiled our natural ability think for ourselves. We need to stop looking to outside beings for guidence and listen to ourselves. We arent as weak as people would like to pretend. We all have it inside us to be great, why hault that focusing on "spiritual pipe dreams"?
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