Info on Satanism.

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Info on Satanism.
Post # 1
I would like to point out that i consider myself a nocturnal neopagan. I would also like to point out that i understand satanism is looked down upon even among occultists because of the bad rap it gives us however, whether we like it or not(personally i respect both the religions i talk about below) they are included as part of the occult and we should educate those who misunderstand satanism. I also believe that we should educate them on the difference between paganism and satanism. Below is a little education for those that may not know.

Okay, so ive been made aware that alot of people do not know what "Satanism" actually is. They look at the name as the cover of a book. This is not necessarily the case. There are 2 major types of Satanism: LaVeyan and Theistic. LaVeyan Satanism was found by Anton LaVey in 1966 and does not in any way worship satan. They worship themselves. They are made up of mostly atheists. They use the term satanism because Satan means adversary in Hebrew and they see themselves as the adversaries to all other religions as they are the only one(that i have come accross) that actually embraces science. Unlike other religions who, when in power, had those who made scientific advances(that made people question god) put to death. a nutshell, Anton LaVey was a atheist who believed that we all have one life and we may as well live it fully without worrying about set boundries such sex before marriage and not fighting back when attacked(my words). LaVeyan Satanism does not support human or animal sacrifice or violence that is undeserved. These things were rumors started by ignorant people in the 70's which has been called the Satanic Panic. The federal government investigated these accusations and found all of them to be rumors.

Theistic Satanism on the other hand does worship Lucifer/Satan. However, they look at the bible as one side of the story. After all, it is very one sided. Theistic satanists look at Lucifer as the liberator of mankind. A example of this is that Lucifer possessed a snake in the garden(still a angel i might add, the bible does not mention his fall from heaven until much later) and tempted eve to eat of the fruit. Before this god had not given Adam and Eve true free will. Lucifer spoke the truth, if you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil you will be as god and know what good and evil are. Once they ate the fruit they knew and understood. God created man as another being to constantly worship and glorify him. Once they ate the fruit they had the choice not to follow god. True free will. Theistic Satanists also believe that god is not all knowing and all powerful. He is not all knowing because he obviously would not have created lucifer if he knew he would rebel and take a third of his angels to his side. And he is not all powerful because he requires worship to have power. This is evident throughout history as every time mass numbers of people have fallen away from him he as done something drastic to draw them back. Such as the great flood, sending jesus(to essentially change the message and draw more people) and finally one day he will come back to grab his followers so they dont have a chance to fall away and then he will try to destroy the rest of us.

Keep in mind that i wrote this for informational purposes only. I do not believe either of these "religions" have it right, although i am inclinded to agree with alot of the ideals of LaVeyan Satanism and if God is real, i believe the Theistic Satanists have a few good points. Anyway, i do not want negative comments. I put this out for people to understand and bring knowledge. And now those of you that have read this know the difference. lol
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Re: Info on Satanism.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I would like to add a bit.

La Vey Satanism has changed quite a lot from the time it began. Since he died, his daughter has taken over the Church and has made it considerably "fluffy" which most older Satanists despise. The Satanic Bible was written by La Vey and it specifically notes that we as humans have carnal instincts and that we should give into those carnal instincts because they are apart of our nature. Since they were the "anti-religion" they embraced what most religions deny, that of lust, survival of the fittest, and other urges.

Also they are their own god, all gods to them were created by man. Many are actually not athiest, they just don't believe in worshiping gods because they feel this is worshipping the men that created those gods. They put themselves above all others. But many have a vast knowlegde of the spiritual world. It is a very self empowering belief for the left winged thinkers but also can be considered a very egotistical one with right winged thinkers. (Left=ratical, right=conservatives)

There are three other types of Satanists. There are Luciferians, and those who follow Setism.

Then there are those who in ignorance follow the lies of witchhunters against witchs. Yes they actually worship "the devil", and are the laughing stock of all Satanism. These are the ones you will find summoning demons in the woods late at night attempting to become as evil as possible. They are generally teenagers who know no better and only wish to rebel.

Luciferians follow Lucifer, much different than Satan.

Setism follows the Egyptian god Set, that of the Nile and later viewed as a very dark archetype.

I've known quite a few Satanists in my life. Satanists and natural pagans get along very well because natural pagans accept all that is of nature, both dark and light in balance.

Satanists usually despise wiccans and xtians. They're like cats and dogs really.
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Re: Info on Satanism.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I never actually knew a Luciferian well enough to ask him this. But Nite, since you seem to know a bit more than I do on the subject. Where do they get the Lucifer myth from? Because the Bible itself only mentions him once and it was misinterpreted as an angel but truly is the king of tyrus. And revelation never names him. King of Tyrus is obviously not Satan. The original belief of Satan is the opponent of God(Christian derived from Persian views) or the angel in the court of God given the position of accuser, equivalent to present day attorney general yet angelic =) (Hebrew/Jewish), not the brightest of all angels who was "God's" favorite and fell because he became fed up and prideful. And the long drawn out belief on this supposed fallen angel cannot be found in the Bible.

In fact when Lucifer is brought up in Peter, it is translated "morning star" and is referring to Jesus!

I'm kind of hoping that it didn't stem from the mistranslations and editing of the Christian Bible. =(

The dead sea scrolls (Book of Enoch) spoke of another angel, who was named leader of the fallen angels due to their desire to be with humans and because they broke the laws of the holier than thou angels. To me, this seems like the original story of the real Lucifer. Those books really give you a different perspective on the famous Biblical angels! I seriously never use them in prayer or magick anymore after reading that. It scarred me! =s

And here is where it gets interesting! Lucifer is translated "morning star" which is Eophoros(sp?) that is our Goddess/Lady! And She in myth was "killed" by Mithras who is one of many that Jesus' stories derive from.

I realize that the idea of Luciferianism is that Lucifer's worst evil act (this mysterious character who's stories seem entirely made up) is to tempt people to believe they are a god. So it would make sense to, in a way, "worship" Lucifer as a statement that you accept you are a god. Which is probably where La Vey came up with that segment in the Satanic Bible.

Does anyone know? Where does the "Lucifer" in Luciferianism come from?

I'm sorry if I've confused anyone. I've been researching this particular figure in myth for years now. And everything I find only makes both Christian perspective and the Luciferian sect more perplexing to me.
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Re: Info on Satanism.
Post # 4
Hmm...This is very inciteful. Thank you sooo much for posting this information. =)
I can see that a lot of people now and days (mostly teens and young kids that are getting interested in the craft) are getting the wrong ideas of Satanism. So this information will help.
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Re: Info on Satanism.
Post # 5
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Re: Info on Satanism.
Post # 6
Ok. Ra3ven you posted alot so let me try and some it up a bit. lol if i missed anything please tell me so i can try to be more clear. lol

Lucifer, the myth, is the biblical version of a very common story. He is the one who passed something of heavenly value to mortals. Such as Permithius(sp), i believe, in greek mythology bringing fire to mankind. Why christians believe Lucifer is Satan is actually very simple. Because they are told too. Some guy translated the bible and taught what he believed was truth and since then it has been passed down as truth. Thats my belief anyway.

On a different note there are myths of Lucifer, the lightbringer, actually existing on a astral level. I have communicated with a being who claimed to be him although after reading on more common occurances with him, i have come to question whether or not the being in question was being truthful. The occurances ive read about involve him showing up to people who have "one foot in the door and one foot out" so too speak and he is said to be a very kind and thoughtful being.

I would also like to point out that LaVey's daughter as of right now, as per my understanding, is not the head of the church. The head is Magus Peter H Gilmore.

I hope i answered your question. I apologize for the randomness of this post as i am much better with answering one question at a time. My mind kind of runs away with itself. lol If you would like to discuss more post here or message me.
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Re: Info on Satanism.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
You answered quite a lot of it. Thank you.

My only question is, what ancient literature would I find this in? Is the figure of Lucifer called by a different name by another culture that I am missing? I love myth of all cultures and read as many as possible because I enjoy linking their similarities together. I find it fascinating how different parts of the world view the exact same spirit world, only with different names and perspectives, some borrowed and some totally original. Stories are usually not just fabricated, especially one as extensive as "Lucifer", yet I've found absolutely no authentic ancient literature that reflects his legend.

And I too have come in contact with a spirit who claimed the same. Extremely nice guy! Lol. I've also found that many spirits enjoy taking on the names of our myths and legends that they feel most suit their personal lives. So you can never be certain if you're speaking with the real deal or someone who relates to that figure. Most cases, it's a spirit that relates.
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Re: Info on Satanism.
Post # 8
Agreed. And to be honest i cant name anything off hand. lol What i do is basically start studying one particular religion and when another one fits in with similar beings i take time away from the religion itself and focus on the beings themeselves trying to relate them to one another. Im sorry i couldnt be of more help but if i stumble across anything ill be sure to let you know. lol

As for my final thoughts on Lucifer, my personal opinion is that the true astral being that possesses this name is probably alot like the theistic satanists version of him. It is the version i have found most interesting and influential.
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Re: Info on Satanism.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
Thank you =)
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