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Forums -> General Info -> Annointing/Consecration

Post # 1
Merry Meet
I'm a newbie & have a couple of ?'s.

1. What is the 'ratio' mixture for salt water? I know it's sea salt & pure water but I need to know how much to mix.

2. What are the oils used in consecrating my items? I know their are many different, but is there a list?

Thank You

Merry Part
Merry Meet Again
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Re: Annointing/Consecration
Post # 2
As much salt as you feel necessary :D

Remember when consecration crystals, salt water (no matter hoe much) can be harmful.

Regarding Consecrating oils, i am sure you may find a good one online or in a book. I prefer spells and incense, just easier to come across.
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Re: Annointing/Consecration
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
you can always just drop the item in the salt and let it sit there for the night.the salt cleanses it and the moon kinda chrges it. if you need a stonger charge and clensing, you leave the item (in the salt) for 7 days. night and day. allow the item to be exposed to the sun and moon, and also the planets will pass over the item. as for oils, you can always buy essiantal oils online. mix the oils that corresponds to the spell or ritual. some oils are expensive so you can always make your own. hope i helped!
blessed be!
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Re: Annointing/Consecration
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Just a pinch will do. Its all about what it represents, not quantity.

As for the oil. I use olive oil as a base.

If you want to make an oil with certain herbal properties, first cleanse and consecrate each herb and the oil. Then simply place the dry herb in a small oven safe container (I use oven safe ramekins) and cover the herb with olive oil, then place your oven on the lowest heat setting possible and let it cook for an hour. Take it out carefully (hot oil burns badly!) And when it cools, strain it into a jar or bottle with a funnel that has cheesecloth or a coffee filter inside. Voila! Seal it up and store it in a cool dry place. Of course you should charge the oil after this with prayer or chant.

Alternatively you can place the herbs in the oil, and store sealed in a dark cool place for 1-3 weeks. Then open it up, strain it as I instructed above. And you're done.

The oil may still smell a bit like olives. If you desire for it to smell more like the herb, essential oils may be dropped into the oil. Usually its about 10 drops to one cup oil. Some are more fragrant than others and amount should be adjusted in relation to that.

Always becareful with herbs. I usually choose culinary herbs to use because it is very difficult for any of them to produce a toxic effect if any at all. Oil is a carrier, and like its name, it can "carry" the herb into your skin. Oil absorbs into our skin and so will the herb within it. So it is much different than handling dry herbs that we can merely wash off with soap and water with no worry. As I said, culinary herbs are safe besides....

Hot ones (IE: pepper, cayenne, ginger, garlic) should be avoided when mixing into oils. These can cause burns and irritation if skin comes in contact with it. And if it gets in the eyes can cause serious damage. These are usually used in vinegars which take out most of the heat or they are used strictly in powders.
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Re: Annointing/Consecration
Post # 5
WhiteRav3n- Thank You for the information on using oils. It helped immensely! Blessed Be.
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Re: Annointing/Consecration
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
You're welcome.

One quick note I forgot. You can substitute fresh herbs instead of dry if you have them on hand. You need less fresh herbs to make the same impact dry will have.
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