Using Magyk to kill

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Using Magyk to kill

Using Magyk to kill
Post # 1
Why would people have enough hate to ask one of us to kill another? We all must remember the rule of three, "Evermind the rule of three, What you give out comes back to thee!" This is just something fancy for the word, Karma. If you kill someone odds are you will be struck down by another, or a higher supernatural force. Don't mess with fate and it won't mess with you.
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Re: Using Magyk to kill
Post # 2
Not all paths or individuals believe in Karma or the law of return. Many simply follow the "Do as you will" and forget to consider consequences, or even believe there are any.

We can not judge another without first attempting to understand what their personal path and ethics are.
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Re: Using Magyk to kill
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
The rule of three is a rule of Wiccans, so if someone does Chaos Magick it means nothing to them.
It means nothing to me too, because I'm not Wiccan.
I strongly believe in Karma because every person who's done bad things had their own punishment.
So here it goes- one woman turned my 4 friends against me, and me against them, lieing to both of us. We made it up and are fine again, but she now can't find love OR friends. Everyone just bails on her. She likes a guy? No, he likes another girl. She wants to talk about it to a friend, no! The friend is busy, busy... Just having fun. Nobody now likes her, and everyone keeps running away from her, I just they feel the bad energies she carries.
Than, another girl. She's been using people, being really mean and two-faced, and now, it's all coming back! She has some life problems, with EVERYTHING basically and her relationsips are really bad, with pretty much everyone.
Than me, for example, every time I did something bad, it came back to me, but less than I did, because I always regreted, truly and sincerely what I did, and I basically made it up myself, so the punishment got easier.
I know also many other examples. Now, I noticed also something else- people that do bad stuff and Karma screws them up, usually can't be helped! I mean, you can try to help them but it seems like you're doing nothing, it's really strong.
I'm not really afraid of Karma or whatever, but I don't do bad stuff anyways, because I know how would I feel if something bad happened to me.
I don't want anyone to die especially, I don't hate anyone, I just want some people away from me. Let them be happy, whatever, but take them away from me.
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Re: Using Magyk to kill
Post # 4
First of all, the rule of three and karma are definately not the same thing. One states you'll suffer three times as much, the other only just as much. I know plenty of people who practice magic but are still atheist in every way and do not believe in anything of the sort. The rule if three is a Wiccan concept. As those before me stated. Not everyone us Wiccan.
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Re: Using Magyk to kill
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
There is more to karma then just action and consequence. If you believe in karma then you must also take in the fact that it is body, mind and spirit. Your perspective on life must be positive, you must appreciate and enjoy what you have in life, you must not dwell on the past or look into the undetermined future for happiness. It is living in the now and living the best you possibly can.

Those who are negative will have bad karma! Even if they never do anything against another, they are harming themselves. Karma is cause and effect in its most simple form. But people only consider action. It is far more than action, karma encompasses the entirety of how we live.

And there is a very easy way to change one's karma! Change your life! Be grateful for what you have IN THE MOMENT. Be a positive influence in your own life and you will in turn be a positive influence to others.

I assure you that if you truly pay attention to these things, negative thought and action become few and far between! And your surroundings will in turn be much more pleasant. Not because it has changed, because your perspective on it has.

For instance, a child of a negative parent will lash out and become misbehaved. The parent is only giving negative attention and only sees the negative in their child. When the parent becomes more positive and praises the child for their good traits and actions, the child WANTS to be praised and wants to be good. The parents demonstration of a positive outlook on life will reflect later in how the child sees the world, and they in turn will have less anxiety, less depression, and less rebelous actions in the future. Why? Because they become happy with who they are and what they have. It isn't about ignoring the negative. Its about embracing the positive. This is why it is so important to have positive people surround you! Negative people will only bring you down with them. Try and get them to see the light, but if they refuse it, walk away for your own sake.

What's wrong with this world is that everyone hopes the future will be better, resents the past for whatever bad has happened, and cannot focus on the present. They constantly hope for more, for better, instead of seeing what they have and enjoying it. They live their lives everyday, always wishing that tomorrow will be better! Until their days are limited. Then they wish for the past! This causes depression and misery! Hatred toward the world around them. They are cold, bitter, and negative because they feel life has dealt them the wrong cards. But it isn't life that ruined their life, it was them! If they had only treasured what they had instead of wishing for what they didn't have, their life would have been enjoyed.

The only spiritual part of karma is within yourself. The rest is psychology and cause and effect. I'm not denying that there may be some divine power of justice when someone is out of control, but otherwise, no powers need to be involved. We take care of our own minds and we thrive. We hurt ourselves when we do not.
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Re: Using Magyk to kill
Post # 6
Never get tired of reading what Ra3ven posts. XD Always something to learn.
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Re: Using Magyk to kill
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Agreed NiteShadeRBN, Whiterav3n is always informative and eye-opening such as the post on here
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