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By: / Novice
Post # 1
so ive been having a recurring dream.the first time i had it i was in the woods.i recognize the area i was in.i was running it was night time i saw alot of colors.i stopped to look in a pond but my reflection was a wolf.i was black brown. then i was my normal self.the next morning i saw three wolves.the second time i dreamed bout the same thing but i was my normal self.the same wolves was in it.there was a white one a sandy one and a black one.i think they wanted me to follow them.the third time i had the dream it was the samething.what does all of this is mean?
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Re: dreams
Post # 2

It sounds to me as if there is a guide of some sort near you, but you are not consiously seeing this person/animal/thing as a guide, and therefore aren't moving forward...

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Re: dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 3
what do you mean by not consciously seeing ithe person or animal.and how can get pass that one part because it seems i keep waking up at that one can i see into my unconscious mind to further the dream to find out what they want?or do i have to wait until im ready to find out what it is?
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Re: dreams
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Wolves run in packs. You were shapeshifted as a wolf. It was probably an out of body experience during your sleep. Those other wolves are probably other human spirits. Most likely kindred spirits. I would say guides, but you're obviously one of them, one of the pack. In native american belief, human spirits can take over living animals temporarily and work through them to contact physical people. We all have an animal that we most closely relate to. Native americans would spend their whole lifetime learning from their animal. During "journeys" aka astral travel, they would go to their animal and attempt to share their consciousness, so that they could see through its eyes and experience how it was to be that animal. Once they "mastered" the animal, they could take its form when they astrally traveled by shapeshifting. It looks like you already know one of your past lives now. I would suggest learning astral travel if you do not know already. Those wolves are your friends, they'll keep you safe. ;-)

Very cool! =)
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Re: dreams
Post # 5

Just to clarify...

Someone or something that could be an important guide if you turn a particular way at a fork in the road. But this may or may not happen. That's what I thought the dream meant.

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