gods left me?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> gods left me?

gods left me?
Post # 1
basically lately i feel like my gods are leaving me to my own.. idk how to explain it, but they're not giving me help, not being with me, not calming me, not.. paying attention. i've had their help all until now.
i haven't been misusing any help, i haven't asking for too much. if i ask for too much, i just say i figured out its more than enough and i ask for less than.. i havent asked for bad things, but.. they left me! no answer, no care, no results of praying and contacting them! no work in my pleads!
and its just a horrible feeling.. my friends have left me, and now the gods i believed in have too?
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Re: gods left me?
Post # 2
I see that deities have a somewhat parental role towards humans. A good parent knows when to stand back, in order that the child benefits from learning to cope independantly. I would think that they still care very much about you, and possibly think that you are doing very well in your independance. How can we grow if our hands are constantly held? Although their presence might not be obvious to you at this time, they may be presenting an important growth period for you. I am sure they will be the best judges of when you truly need their intervention, and that such intervention may already be occuring, without being apparent right now. :)
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Re: gods left me?
Post # 3
Maybe they have not left you ..your not listening enough to their replies;) speak less ..listen more comes to mind on this one.
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Re: gods left me?
Post # 4
if you write such words then they will happen.we are in control of our own lives so all i can say is god will be here soon.sounds better dosnt it and hope once more has been restored.
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Re: gods left me?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
May I ask what deities you speak of? The personalities of every one is different and from there we can discern why you have been left alone.

You yourself may have also changed. When I was younger, I was very close with Morrigan but as I developed I felt less connected to her and found the male god Odin/Zeus to be more of a leading factor in my life. Soon after, I reconnected with my own biological father and with our bond growing stronger, so too does my bonds with the deity.

Now I choose not to have any female archetype and only call on certain ones depending on the situation at hand. The "Lady", "Goddess" or "Mother Earth" is the only female spiritual being I rely on.

As a polytheist you believe in a pantheon of gods and goddesses. Each one may flow in and out of your life as needed. Never forget the ones of the past. But like friends, they come and go, and may return again in the future.
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