dream help?

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dream help?
Post # 1
i was wondering if someone could help me figure out the meaning to my dream i had last night, it's very confusing. well, in the dream i was in a dark room and i looked up and there where some shelves with bags on it the signs said spice's like "thyme" or "mint" anyways as i was looking at all the signs i noticed one of them said voodoo. and so being curious i took down the bag and looked inside, and i saw a creepy looking wooden mask that i've never seen before, trust me that kind of mask leaves an impression. there where also some very pretty charms and such in it too but not many. i remember being frozen in fear staring into the mask's eyes and shaking. i tried to put the bag up where i found it and i ran out of there as fast as i could. i woke up screaming. i'm not afraid of voodoo, but i do respect it if that makes any sense. please help me try to understand this dream, i would be more than grateful thank you.
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Re: dream help?
Post # 2

You should intemperate the dream yourself. You experienced it and know what was felt exactly what you saw etc.

Think back on your dream and try to remember the elements of it etc. Write everything down that you deem as important and look it up. This will help you better in the long run rather than someone looking it up for you.

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Re: dream help?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Not often do I read something and get goosebumps on my arm. And there is no reason why I should have with what was written. I don't mind african masks (some were created as warrior masks to frighten enemies or evil spirits) nor voudun magickal practice. And it isn't cold in my home...So!

I am in no way capable of pulling an answer out of my hat...if I had a hat.

BUT in times where knowledge such as this is out of reach, divination is sure to follow (for me at least). So, if you yourself are unskilled in performing readings, pm me. I wouldn't mind helping you to figure it out. If you do dabble in divination, then you would be the absolute best one to perform the reading, because you have the memory of the dream.
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