Remote viewing help

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Remote viewing help
Post # 1
I have tried remote viewing several times, but I can't get my mind to focus on one thing. I tried to focus on my breathing, and a small part of my mind started thinking random thoughts, and when i tried to force it to stop, it came back stronger than ever.

Any way to help me out.
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Re: Remote viewing help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Not everyone can do it. You need a very open mind because too many assumptions will alter your perception.

Pick a person, preferably in your own home. Definitely someone you know well. Think about them and see them in your mind. Imagine floating over them, or standing next to them (while meditating this isn't AP). Don't imagine their surroundings, see a white or black background (like a blue screen) all around them. Feel like they come to you, not that you come to them. Remain in your mind and body! Relax and let the scene come to life. OBSERVE. But do not actually think! Keep your mind clear and open. Jot down what you see and compare with your friend/family member to find out if what you saw was really what they were doing. Don't cheat by astral projecting!

This is a form of CLAIRVOYANCY. If your clairvoyancy is not open yet, you will have a difficult time doing this. If you get close results, count it as successful. Unfortunately most remote viewing perceives the astral world more so than the physical, so the small details may be off. If your results occur, but do not line up (happen later or previously), your intuition is taking over. Which is good but not remote viewing.

I stumbled on remote viewing by accident. Sort of just happened naturally for me. So my ways are probably nothing like you'll read in a book.
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Re: Remote viewing help
Post # 3
thank you, but how do i open my clairvoyancy.
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