charging an object

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charging an object
Post # 1
i'm somewhat confused about one part of charging an object. say i want to charge a candle. what exactly do i do after i've raised the energy and created an energy ball out of it? do I visualize/focus on the outcome while holding the ball, or do I create the ball, put my hands on the object and then visualize? basically, what order do i do all this in?
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Re: charging an object
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Why is there a ball? Now I'm confused!

Since you already have some basic knowledge of building and shaping energy, I will make this brief.

You hold the object in your hand. Look directly at it. Ground and center. Feel the energy in your body, feel the level rise, get nice and buzzy, then let the energy you've charged within flow or be pushed out of the palms of your hands and straight into the object. Continue to flood it with your energy until you sense that you have reached its limit (which could take up to an hour depending on its size) or it is at a suitable charge (which can take under a minute if you're good).

Now you must not forget that the energy must be altered to the color of energy that you desire. I'm not discussing red, yellow, and blue lol, I'm discussing its nature. You can choose to charge within yourself and color the energy there before letting it go. Or you can simply program the energy with thought and emotion once your personal energy is already in the object. I prefer the first, but absent minds can use the second as well =)

Don't forget flow! If its something like a talisman or amulet (round/square/circle), the flow should be widdershins or deosil depending on the magick. Longer objects like tools, crystal points, and candles need a flow of up or down depending on your use with them. Crystal points almost always have an energy flow of base to tip but some are double pointed. Candles flow base to tip when attracting something. Tip to base when they are banishing.
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