Power lust

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Power lust
Post # 1
I just wanted to know why i have a lust for power,and to make people suffer.This is very strange for me because i am a peaceful and timid person,but about a week ago i suddenly wanted power and i just can't understand it or get rid of it.
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Re: Power lust
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Do you want energy? You might be a psi vampire. Basically, psi vampires are people who are energy deprived so they are always hungry for energy and suck it from living things. They need the spiritual energy for survival. No, psi vampires aren't like those Hollywood vampires, again, there just people that's lacking energy. Do you feel tired when you are lusting for power? Do you feel better/healthier when you fill yourself with power? Do you have the need to just fill yourself with power? If you answered yes, then you might be a psi vampire. I recommend practicing sucking in energy from living things, like, plants.
Blessed be!
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Re: Power lust
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Have you initiated yourself? Dedicated yourself to a specific side (light or dark) or more importantly to the Lord and Lady (or other deity of choice)? To nature? Anything?

Be sure to choose wisely, as it is an agreement that is taken very seriously. It's an oath that you announce for all to hear and witness.

Until you do, you are a "free agent" and will be harassed and influenced by both dark and light beings. Since you have yet to decide, they will attempt to get you onto their side or stray you from the other. It happens to many people who have really opened themselves up to their potential in magick. Casting magick is a metaphorical spotlight on the caster. It attracts attention. And if you haven't initiated yourself, it could create interest in various beings.

Initiating yourself also creates spiritual allies with those who pledge themselves to the same path and gives you automatic backup from the essence of whatever you initiated yourself in the name of. This is protection and assistence when you need it.

Becareful though, be true to whatever you choose to follow. No one likes a person who goes back on a promise. And depending on their temperment, it won't be pretty. If you do choose to change paths, you must do it formally before acting on the change of heart.

You may want to get on that. =)
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