weird dream :(

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> weird dream :(

weird dream :(
Post # 1
i usually never ask for help with dreams because i can usually decipher them easily but this one i would really appreciate any opinions on it.
It starts with me in a changing room and im looking into the mirror, i see myself and then me again standing next to me obviously i close my eyes in fear. Then i looked again and saw it again i asked if anyone could see that they answer 'see what?' and walking out of the room i say 'im sick of this' and i see it again it makes me jump but then this scares me the most it says 'i was here long before you were here you scared tw**' and then it attacks me but not for long because i wake up just before it does. The other weird thing is that when he was saying that he was here before me he changed gender it was like he lost his disguise.

Please help me any views would be very much appreciated. Blessed be
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Re: weird dream :(
Post # 2
Maybe it's your other half... Our spirits are formless and genderless until we find bodies, maybe you hurt him in a past life
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Re: weird dream :(
Post # 3
I guess you mean partner and not higher self then? Which one do explain more.

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Re: weird dream :(
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
In a psychological standpoint, I would say it means that you are going through a stage in life where you are developing your cohesive identity. Everyone goes through it. If you are past the point of developing a sense of "ego" aka self (if you're past your adolescent stage of life) then this dream would signal an identity crisis of sorts. Most people get them in mid-life (mid-life crisis) but if an individual hasn't established a solid sense of self, they can go through identity issues during any point past adolescense.

In a spiritual standpoint, I would say you made a spirit angry at you. Did you try to banish something? Or smart off to a spirit? Because if you did try, you may have failed, and he's there to tell you "I was here first" lol

I find that regular dreams are very different than intuitive ones. Intuitive ones stand out as far more intense. But regardless of intensity, I always think back to what is going on in my life as a whole and within the past few days. If it doesn't have any psychological ties, only then will I take it as a spiritual meaning.
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Re: weird dream :(
Post # 5
thankyou white raven and no i didnt try to banish it but i have an inkling that its the one who doesnt like me very much he doesnt like me at all lol but the others do.

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