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Help with a visitor?
Post # 1
Alright well, a few days ago I attempted to make a deal with a Demon, it did not seem to work, so i figured the attempt to be a failure and left it at that. A few days ago I woke up to my backdoor being wide open, no forced entry, nothing missing. I thought maybe the door popped open, and left that as my somewhat of a logical explanation. Tonight I heard the door open and went downstairs to find it still closed. My father heard it open s well. What is this? Should I be worried.
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Re: Help with a visitor?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You made a deal with a being of evil! Hell yes I would worry. Did you think good things would come to you?

When you think "demon" its not a devil with horns. "Demon" is a term for a dark entity/spirits that is destructive. Are there honorable dark entities, yes. Is it common, no way. Dark people/spirits don't even trust each other because they know what the other is capable of.

Deals are a willing bind. Whatever deal you made is sealed. You would need a third party to break it for you. Not an online third party, it would need to be done in person and there is still no guaranty of success depending on what you did.

Why on earth did you think that was a good idea?
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Re: Help with a visitor?
Post # 3
I had no response, no sign, nothing. Is this door thing a sign?
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Re: Help with a visitor?
Post # 4
I would dare to say yes :S Sorry to hear that :( I would recommend burning sage and use holy water to cleanse your house. Ask God (If your Christian) or ask the God and Godess to take away or reverse any pact you did and give you a blessing so you and your father are not harmed. I also recommend you do research on your end on taking away demons.

Blessed be :)

((If you are Christian, you could also ask your guardian angel and the archangels to protect and rebuke the demon for you. One more thing, I recommend not doing any pacts or summonings again, just a word of advice ;)))
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Re: Help with a visitor?
Post # 5
I think demons are a good source of energy. When you still have a demon in the house, you can ask for a favor. And If your experience is real, the demon will not stay forever. Sometimes you have to withdraw them when they do not respond. If you are tired of the spirit you should ask respectfully but firmly the spirit to go away and never come back. Tell the demon Why you want to be left alone. He/She will understand.
But you should not play with demons! They can be bestial and sadistic.
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Re: Help with a visitor?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
first off, I think demons aren't necessarily evil, just on the side of darkness. they simply tend toward evil.

secondly, you should go through with whatever deal it was you made. if the deal was unacceptable you shouldn't have agreed in the first place.

thirdly, I would think it a bad idea to piss off a demon. You made a deal, go through with it or find a way to nullify it. don't make deals you aren't willing to keep.

lastly, as far as signs go I would suggest asking the demon to do something specific if he/she/it decides to accept or deny the deal.
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