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Forums -> Herbalism -> Allergies

Post # 1
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a few suggestions.
I am allergic to Lavender along with a few other things, yet so far have not found a better -as good- alternative.
I suffer badly from insomnia and most of the remedies I have been given or found seem to all involve Lavender in some way, and so if anyone could please share a sleep remedy that does not, or an alternative that does work I would be very, very grateful.
Thank you.
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Re: Allergies
Post # 2
Chamomile is supposed to help with sleep...
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Re: Allergies
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
If I'm not mistaken you are asking for an aromatherapy for insomnia. All herbal magick for healing is rooted in natural medicine.

Peppermint and chamomile are a wonderful combination. Just pack a little pillow with the herbs or use the oil.
Peppermint oil is terribly overpriced, I personally buy organic peppermint extract from the grocery store. You can soak a cotton ball in it or mix it with olive oil to make an oil.
I've tried to make chamomile oil at home and it just doesn't smell as nice as when the professionals do it.

For a tea I would suggest passionflower (steeped for 10min covered). Its nontoxic and non addictive and very powerful! Its very safe and can even be used for children (quicker steeping time). You can add some raw honey in there too. Don't add sugar because it could keep you up. I prefer raw because the pasturized kind cooks out all of the healing properties of honey.

You can also use 1-120 drops of the tincture. If you use the tincture I would recommend trying 20 drops in decaf tea or water and work up to your needed level. There are drop converting charts to tsp etc out there so you're not counting forever!

I don't suggest valerian root, although it is very good, it will knock you out! And it smells and tastes aweful.
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Re: Allergies
Post # 4
Thank you both for your replies.

Cassiel, thank you, but I am sorry chamomile does not seem to work with me.

WhiteRav3n, Yes I was after alternatives that can be used as teas and oils for my insomnia, but I would also welcome any suggestions for alternatives to Lavender within all it's uses.
At the moment I just leave it out.

As for Peppermint, this too causes me problems so I can not use it. Were as I have not heard of using passionflower in a tea, so thank you, I shall try it.
I did find a recipe for valerian root yesterday, but it said nothing about knocking you out, so thank you also for the warning.
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