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Post # 1
I just wanted to know how to heal or at least ease the pain of someones physical wounds with magick.I have a very close friend who has cancer and one day she seemed like she was about to die and as she lay there in the hospital bed i put my hands around the are where the cancer was and i gathered energy or something into the area and she suddenly seemed a little better she seems better than ever before.Was this me healing her or what?
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Re: Healing
Post # 2
what you experienced was energy pain relief, very temporary and draining for you. Try crystals, they are very affective, i know form personal experience:D Also i heard of this clear quartz healing drink, don't know if it works, message me if you want it :D

Blessed be )0(
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Re: Healing
Post # 3
Well i think you are right,a little while after i did that i felt a bit tired and like i was going to throw up,but the thing is i have never been able to manipulate any energy even my own.Could me wanting to save my friend given me the strength to unknowenly help her?
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Re: Healing
Post # 4
Maybe, energy is a mysterious thing.
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Re: Healing
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I'm no expert in healing. But I have done this and that. I always couple my healing with natural medicine. First of all with Cancer. I would tell your friend to research Essaic tea. It was discovered by a nurse who studied the herbal medicine of a tribe (can't remember which one). She not only cured her own cancer but her mother's when she was "terminal". I do not support anyone who sells Essaic tea. The nurse wrote her recipe for people to see, and there is a book out there for people to do it themselves. In herbal medicine it is best to gather herbs from their origin, not from a region they were not originally intended for because every natural factor effects the medicinal qualities. So it takes a great deal of research but if I were to develop cancer, it would be my first choice of action coupled with my doctor's efforts.

Working with herbs to me is magick. It is mother nature's gift to us to cure ourselves.

I do believe that those truly gifted in healing can cure beyond medical knowledge. But it takes years of practice, an accute sense of energy, and a vast knowledge of how the body works spiritually and physically.
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