I may have a problem.

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I may have a problem.
Post # 1
I have found myself to be naturally comforted with the concept that Devils, dark spirits from a darker plain, are all around me. Whenever I hear of them I feel like someone is talking about more of best friend than a dark creature, and I am not sure if this is a good thing. So here is the question, is feeling naturally in the presence of a Devil, Dark Prince, or even a Dark God as a friendly entity something good or something to be worried about?
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Re: I may have a problem.
Post # 2
well if you feel comfortable and happy in the presence of evil than you should probably explore it a little bit but i warn you not to get too much over your head in that stuff because it can be very bad for your mental health. i mean look at that guy that killed those people in tuscon az. the one who killed gabrielle guiffords, granted he was already mentally ill but after he started experiementing with some dark occultic stuff, he got worse and worse and than he eventually did that massacre. you see when you purposefully surround yourselfe with evil maleviolent spirits, they will get into your head and makeyou mentally ill. so as i would recomend you to start to explore what it is that you feel naturally bonded to, id make sure that you research it and take it slowly
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Re: I may have a problem.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
The dark side of nature is not a bad thing. We cannot live without it. Many attempt to deny it within themselves. But it isn't healthy. Even darker entities can have honor and love. The stereotype is just that, a stereotype. If you look at many deities, they have a mean streak in them all. Some lean more toward the dark side (Hekate) and others more toward the light (Aphrodite).
There are malicious and benevolent spirits of every form, light and dark. Their nature is only how they act, not why they act.

Some people like high tech security alarms on their houses, others like big dogs named Killer and a loaded shotgun.
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