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nonpressing question
Post # 1
I know its normal to see one or two spirits,and other things after doing a ritual but what exactly does it mean when you a group just standing there like their paying attention to what your saying. I didn't exactly see what they look like I just seen blobs of multicolored be percise darker shades of red and blue. They just were there spherical for about a minutes then they just went from being spherical to looking like a small wave. All this occured after I dismissed the circle. Just curious.
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Re: nonpressing question
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Performing ritual magick is like setting off a spiritual beacon, especially when you call the quarters. You are calling "spirits of" in a non-specific way.

I don't believe in "colors" of auras meaning specific things. Clairvoyance is seeing through your spirit/mind which can cause the colors to represent a specific energy to differ from person to person based off of their own interpretation. You need to ask yourself what red and blue represent to you.

Don't just "dismiss" the circle but be sure to add a thank you to those who aided you or attended your ritual and for them to now "depart in peace". This tells them you're grateful, you're done and the show is over. They can go home now.
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Re: nonpressing question
Post # 3
i didnt exactly call the quarters. im more of a draw the circle with the athame,and put a little personal energy into it to reinforce it,and call that a circle. if it breaks it breaks.
Im more likely to show trust than actually throw up a circle.

i know the meaning, but i didn't mean to attract that many of them. t

Ive actually never thought of it that way. i usually just thought they showed up because their bored. well there was that one time in which i was using blood in a ritual but thats more of a non word way to attract spirits.
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Re: nonpressing question
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Well its a good sign. It means you're doing something right! =)
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